Back Yard Eye Candy

I love the color of these tulips.


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7 responses to “Back Yard Eye Candy

  1. martha in mobile

    I adore tulips, and these are lovely! I am too lazy to plant them, as I would just have to pull them up. They don’t naturalize well in the Deep South. I can hardly maintain plants that stay in the ground!

  2. What a great “colorway” on those tulips!

  3. Gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Those are really georgeous tulips! How long have they been planted there? Do you treat them as annuals, or see how long they do well and then make choices? I’ve heard tulips called ‘lipstick of the garden’, which might make some sense to me if I wore makeup, but I don’t so it doesn’t. I moved some red tulips and they’ve all reverted to yellow.

  5. I planted these purple ones maybe 4+ years ago, and they’ve done pretty well. But I admit I am not someone who digs things up and divides them every few years, so I’ve been planting more daffodils recently, which don’t need that (and are bunny proof); planting some colored daffodils for variety. Not saying I wouldn’t divide, but also I wouldn’t count on it happening in a timely fashion! Also, starting with good bulbs seems to make a big difference; I like Breck’s bulb catalog, very high quality and good performance.

    I’m a lazy gardener!~

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