The ‘S’ word

I’m not going to say the ‘S’ word.

I already told you that to name it is to call it.

But as another midwestern knitblogger just told you, we’re as tired of experiencing s**w as you must be of hearing about it.

While I was gone this weekend, there was no s**w in Neenah, just bitter cold and wind; and no s**w in La Crosse, not like a little north of us got — but this morning it was S**w-ing Sideways. For crying out loud. My all-weather coat isn’t up to this, and I refuse to put on my winter coat on April 28th. I refuse to even take a picture (and it looks like a blizzard out the window as I type this early in the morning, though it shouldn’t accumulate to speak of). I don’t want to acknowledge it. Yes, denial works for me.

Instead, I shall think of lovelier things.

Like my daffodils before the s**w.

Come back tomorrow for an exciting announcement!

4 responses to “The ‘S’ word

  1. Lalalalalalala!!! Can’t hear you!

  2. Does s**w stand for slow? Because that’s what I was until I realized that that word had nothing to do with crafts like sewing. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get the word sewn out of s**w. And I used to be good at spelling!

    It could be worse, you could live further north like I do. There is an up side to living up north. During the summers the sun stays out until midnight. What makes it even better is that the temperature hovers around 70 to 75 degree F.

  3. Gack! You have my deepest sympathies.


  4. Cathy,
    I wore my winter coat despite the date. I even wore my vest under that. I was not going to freeze in just my denim coat and sweatshirt anymore!
    The sun until midnight and 75 degree hover sounds lovely doesn’t it! Karla

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