Daily Archives: April 28, 2008

The ‘S’ word

I’m not going to say the ‘S’ word.

I already told you that to name it is to call it.

But as another midwestern knitblogger just told you, we’re as tired of experiencing s**w as you must be of hearing about it.

While I was gone this weekend, there was no s**w in Neenah, just bitter cold and wind; and no s**w in La Crosse, not like a little north of us got — but this morning it was S**w-ing Sideways. For crying out loud. My all-weather coat isn’t up to this, and I refuse to put on my winter coat on April 28th. I refuse to even take a picture (and it looks like a blizzard out the window as I type this early in the morning, though it shouldn’t accumulate to speak of). I don’t want to acknowledge it. Yes, denial works for me.

Instead, I shall think of lovelier things.

Like my daffodils before the s**w.

Come back tomorrow for an exciting announcement!