Daily Archives: April 27, 2008

Too much to blog, too little time!


I just got back from BMFA Sock Camp last weekend, and this weekend was gone again at another knitterly event, the Spring Midwest Masters seminar put on by Yarns by Design of Neenah, Wisconsin; a truly awesome knitting shop who organized a great seminar. And I got to go with three of my knitting friends from home (we usually only get to sneak bits of knitting time together, generally interrupted by children and spouses) and I (totally unexpectedly, at least we only figured it out 24 hours ahead of time) met up with one of my new friends from Sock Camp as well! It would not have been my choice to be gone from home three weekends in a row, even for knitting, but so it turned out. And it was well worth any laundry crises. But blogging and photographing, among other things, are getting the short end of the stick.

And I haven’t finished telling you about Sock Camp, never mind my personal tour of points of interest of Seattle or the pre-Camp Yarn Crawl on the (K)Notorious Sock Knitters School Bus, and now this weekend, and what about WIPs or FOs? (there are some), and then there will be a significant post coming up Tuesday (but I still need to take some pictures for it then write it; thank heavens a certain large box arrived from Washington in time!). And did I mention both girls have school concerts on the same night Tuesday? The same night they have their last dance class before the recital (guess dance is not happening).

Life in the fast lane (surely make you lose your mind).

Well, here’s a lick and a promise, a picture of one of my favorite teachers from this weekend, the amazing

Lucy Neatby. Wow. Double Wow. There was no class that wasn’t worthwhile, but hers were outstanding; what a teacher! She used her DVDs as a teaching aid, and they were amazing; these beautifully and clearly photographed hands (hers) projected on screen, as she explained in person what was happening and WHY, and reran it as many times as desired. A bunch of DVDs came home with me, since Lucy couldn’t.

For the knitter who had never taken a knitting class before two weeks ago — quite the teachers I’ve been hanging out with!

(And PS: just for the record, Cat Bordhi and Lucy both really like my scarf!)