Eye Candy Friday, Cherry Blossom Edition

Just one of many flower pictures I took at the Bellevue Arboretum, courtesy of Astrid the tour guide. The arboretum and the day warrant their own post, so this is just a tease. (Is that a camellia that had fallen into the water with the cherry blossom petals? It’s certainly something that’s not hardy here in Wisconsin!)

A few other beautiful cherry (and apple) blossoms from that weekend:

Not snow above, just fallen cherry blossoms among the daffodils doing a good imitation. (The snow came the next weekend.)

University of Washington mall. Isn’t it gorgeous with the cherry trees in bloom?

Below, an apple blossom series from an early morning walk on a gorgeous Seattle day.

8 responses to “Eye Candy Friday, Cherry Blossom Edition

  1. How beautiful is that! Cherry petals looking like snow beneath the daffodils…wow!

  2. martha in mobile

    Oh, yes…that is a camellia. I left The Camellia City (Sacramento) many years ago, but still remember the beautiful camellias in the old neighborhoods and on the Capitol grounds. They are an old-fashioned flower, sort of like hydrangeas, that appeals to the increasingly old(-fashioned) in me.

  3. And a very powerful camellia it is, too. Brought you to your knees, in fact 🙂


  4. So pretty! Hard to imagine that we might see such things (similar, anyway) here in the next month or so.

  5. Gorgeous pictures!

  6. Hey, I used to do volunteer garden work at the Bellevue Arboretum several years ago. I should get back over there sometime. It’s probably change a bit over the years, especially as the plantings were either new or just going in then. I bet it was beautiful.

  7. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!

  8. What pretty, pretty photos!

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