Snapshots from Sock Camp: Monkey Madness

Jeanne wants Sock Monkey pictures!

(She’ll just have to wait a bit for the toilet paper cover; not that mine’s worth holding your breath for, believe me.)

Allow me to introduce you to Kermit, the Love Monkey, here emerging from his conveyance home from Sock Camp:

And out getting a breath of fresh Wisconsin air.

(Dairy Air, as the old joke has it.)

Monkey Frogs just don’t need much accessorizing, so he only required a bow tie to be knit. But as you may have heard, Sock Campers became very creative with adorning their monkeys. I tried to take a picture of pretty much all of them (click to embiggen as desired):

And here are the whole Monkey Crew swarming their creator, Cockeyed, with knitted sock monkey love:

Nora was looking for pictures of me on the Yarn Harlot’s blog; nope, no photos of me that I saw (though I was mentioned, more on that later!) but I was standing next to Steph when she and I took these pictures of Monkey Love! And we agreed that in knitblogger logic, 80 crappy pictures somehow trumps one really good picture (i.e. every blogger has to get their own picture!)

We were given the pattern and enough yarn to make a mini-Monkey, but somehow a kit (makes a bigger and a mini-Monkey) found its way home with me too.

Rumor has it that the kits will be available on the BMFA website in the next week or so. So you, too, can have a knitted sock monkey of your very own!

Accessories optional.

5 responses to “Snapshots from Sock Camp: Monkey Madness

  1. Those sock monkeys are great. I may have to purchase a kit. So I take it you had a good time?

  2. I love that monkey frog!

  3. Wouldn’t the monkey swarm make a great kitschy horror movie, sorta like “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” only better!

    Can’t wait to get a pattern or kit. My son loves monkeys, especially kitschy ones, so I need to make him a bunch. Or is that a “swarm”?

    And I’m so jealous of all the Sock Campers! We need one on this side of the country (Ohioish area.)

  4. I love your monkey’s curly tail!

  5. Oh, it looks like so much fun! You all need to have sock camp in Africa next year so I can play too 🙂

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