Back from camp, more later

From Seattle

(thanks again, Astrid, for taking me to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, where I took this Lenten rose picture and so many more!)

to Camp Crow’s Feet, aka Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Camp, via the Camp Bus of (K)Notorious Knitters

through a wild and wacky and extremely knitterly week, a taste of which is on the Yarn Harlot’s last few posts (plus the wrap-up),

it’s been an awesome trip.

But sadly, now it’s late, and I have just finished uploading slightly under over a thousand photos (and I had already winnowed some out). I don’t even want to think about work tomorrow, given that my clock had thoroughly adjusted to a different time zone. So I don’t know when I’ll get to show & tell you how awesome a time I had. Work comes first, then laundry is getting urgent.

So, good night for now,

and I promise to tell all when I can.

10 responses to “Back from camp, more later

  1. Welcome back! I did read the Harlot’s posts, hoping I’d get a glimpse of you. Can’t wait to hear all your news!!

  2. Well, you know we’re taking this trip vicarious-mode, yeah? So, I’m ready to bask in the knitting fun when you are!


  3. I’m glad you survived your visit to the snowy northwest. We lulled you into thinking it was spring with that warm Saturday, didn’t we? Sounds like loads of fun was had by all.

    I’m off to St. Louis to visit The Loopy Ewe on Thursday; hope to see some sunshine there.

  4. Lucky, lucky lady!

  5. Flowers! I want to see your TP cover, and your sock monkey. Too much fun.

  6. You look like you’re having a great time! And the knotorious knitters bus… too funny!

  7. I love the lenten rose, I have always wanted to see one. I had sock yarn called that once! I Miss everyone!

  8. Welcome home! I scrutinized all the Harlot’s photos to no avail, looking for you. I’m looking forward to reading all about your sock camp adventures when you are settled in.

  9. Isn’t it heard being home? Although – no complaints from me – the woman whose little 7 week 4 day old embryo has a heartbeat of 153! Huzzah!!!

    Miss you.

  10. Alice in the Heartland

    Just stopping by to say Hi! and to let you know I’ve been here and plan to return. Happy knitting, Alice

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