Daily Archives: April 20, 2008

Back from camp, more later

From Seattle

(thanks again, Astrid, for taking me to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, where I took this Lenten rose picture and so many more!)

to Camp Crow’s Feet, aka Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Camp, via the Camp Bus of (K)Notorious Knitters

through a wild and wacky and extremely knitterly week, a taste of which is on the Yarn Harlot’s last few posts (plus the wrap-up),

it’s been an awesome trip.

But sadly, now it’s late, and I have just finished uploading slightly under over a thousand photos (and I had already winnowed some out). I don’t even want to think about work tomorrow, given that my clock had thoroughly adjusted to a different time zone. So I don’t know when I’ll get to show & tell you how awesome a time I had. Work comes first, then laundry is getting urgent.

So, good night for now,

and I promise to tell all when I can.