G is for Garden

This is my quintessential Garden picture, a lucky shot from my front steps of the late afternoon sun shining through a Carpathian Bellflower (Campanula carpatica).

You may have seen this in miniature as my avatar, as I love it so much (not that I really think of myself as a purple flower).

I am not a Gardener with a capital G. I’m too busy sometimes, and I tend toward the easy-care rather than the delicate. I do water (though mulching helps lessen the need for that and conserve resources as well), and weed when I have time, and I do love to get out in my Garden and Grub around.  It Grounds me.  So necessary, after all the intensity at work, and Two-Daughter-Drama at home.

But what makes me the happiest is just to be out in my Garden to see the Green and the colors. And to take pictures, so I can remember the Garden during the long, dark, dreary winter. And now, the Hither part of Hither and Yarn allows me to share the photographs with you (as opposed to with my family, most of whom are singularly unenthusiastic about them). Thank you, to all who over the last year have complimented me on my Garden photography!  I’m glad you like the pictures.

Here are some of my favorites over the last year of gardening and blogging.

G is for Garden.

15 responses to “G is for Garden

  1. Pretty! I should take more pictures of my garden, but I never think of it.

  2. That collage of flower pictures is just breath-taking! Wowza-wow-wow (both for the gardening and the photography).

  3. What a great photo! It almost makes me want to garden. I’m sure my yard will be happeir if I leave it to the professionals though. The green thumb gene seems to have skipped over me.

  4. Lovely! Campanula carpatica is my favourite.

  5. That photo collage would be breathtaking as individual photos hung in exactly that arrangement on a wall. I think I’d pay money to see that. (I’m a gardener, too, with a small g.)

  6. Thank you sooooo much for sharing. All I have is white right now.
    Your picture are beautiful!

  7. Great garden shots! A much needed burst of color… Love your walking to work pics. That cat on the stair riser is funny… and those trees DO remind me of lace, hmmmmm… No black squirrels around here, though there was a bunch in Syracuse, and I’ve heard someplace in Ontario too. Didja know they are really gray squirrels? ‘Melanistic’ (vs albino).

  8. A wonderful G — especially this morning as I look out and see a fresh layer of white on my garden! I love your photo mosaic — you should consider having a print made.

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  10. Gorgeous…emm…more gees!

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