Daily Archives: April 5, 2008

Saturday Sky with Halo

Our yard, today, and I even had my camera. And it was a Saturday. What’s up with that?

A sun halo surrounding the not-so-innocent Tree of Damocles which is going to fall on my bedroom window someday. If we could only convince our neighbor that it should come down. Click here if you want to see the sun halo bigger.

Today: the sun’s out, and it’s suddenly spring!

I guess my subliminal messages worked. Look at my current projects:


Forest Canopy,

and one I haven’t shown you yet, my ‘Walking Sock’, a plain stockinette sock being done in Twisted Fiber Arts Sherwood. Noticing a theme yet?

Here is the Walking Sock:

Yes! The crocus has not been eaten, and the others have bloomed! I’ll explain the Walking Sock in a moment, but first let me answer a question which was asked yesterday. Here’s my Naughty Bunny Repellent (sorry, I’m not trying to be cutesy, this is the name of the resident rabbit from when the Gothlet was three and the then resident rabbit ate her sunflower seedlings, and I had to explain that the bunny was naughty; the name has stuck around these parts):

“Deer Off”. It says “Deer Repellent” on the front, but on the back it says “effective on rabbits and squirrels” as well. Made by Havahart. Number one active ingredient? “Putrescent raw egg solids”. Yep, that means exactly what it sounds like. So initially it’s a human repellent too. The smell goes away quickly, though. It also has capsaicin and garlic. I like this better than just capsaicin (hot pepper) because the rabbits presumably have to taste the hot pepper to be repelled, and this is both smell and taste repellent, long-lasting. I have also used blood meal, but I have to re-apply that so very often, plus after every rain, that it wasn’t working well for me. This will last through rains. Just — wear gloves, and don’t put it on any fragrant flowers if you want to sniff them! It has really seemed to work for me. I’ve not had trouble with critters getting the bulbs; moles or squirrels; but I certainly know people who have.

Right, back to the Walking Socks. I took up Nora’s invitation to, well, not run, because I’ve sworn off running, but how about walk 100 miles in 10 weeks. I’ve realized that my energy and my fitness level are not going to magically change by themselves. It’s not working out for me to get to more than one dance class a week. And I can and will bike to work; but where to find the time to get more exercise? Well, if I bite the bullet and take the time to walk to work (it’s 1.8 miles, which takes me a half hour if I walk briskly ), that’s an hour of exercise, relatively easily. Versus the 20 minutes round trip to take the car (after I scrape the frost off, drive, detour past the construction, park and walk) or 24 minutes round trip to bike. Sometimes I can’t; one day a week I also work in another office in another city, not walkable, and sometimes I have kid chauffeur responsibilities. But at least two or three times a week, I should be able to walk; that’s 7 – 10.5 miles a week right there all by itself.

Well, one of the things extra exercise time is cutting into, is knitting time! So I started a walking sock; an absolutely plain round and round stockinette sock that I can knit while I walk. Part of the reason I have not knit a lot of the wonderful self-striping hand-dyed Twisted yarn I have been collecting, is that it is shown to best advantage in a fairly plain stitch pattern or simple stockinette; and I always seem to need to get fancy to keep myself interested. So I cast on Tuesday night (twice!) for the plain toe-up sock above in colorway Sherwood, the pattern type that Meg calls mutating Variegated; base yarn is Kabam, a washable bamboo-merino blend which is awesome. I wasn’t sure who this would be for, but the width it is turning out — it’s for me! Dancer’s feet, high arches and bunions…. Walked Wednesday, Friday and today to work, and making progress as above. Pretty painless way to walk my way to socks.

If you follow the Twisted link above to the etsy shop, you’ll see an announcement that Meg is going to be opening up her own website sometime soon-ish, which is very exciting. I’m sure there will be more news there, but I will certainly announce her independent site debut as well.

Enough blathering for one day. Tomorrow: Leafling progress and another new and exciting project. But I will leave you with another glimpse of yesterday’s crocus today, against the Saturday Sky.