Eye Candy Friday, First Flower Edition

Perhaps not my most stunning photo ever, but one of the more exciting ones right now, this one I took last night:


Usually these are blooming a week or two earlier. It seemed it would never happen. But poof! After our deluge of rain 4 days ago, last night, the buds were there!

Now if only the resident Naughty Bunny doesn’t eat them today before I get Bunny Repellent on them. I’ve been gone from home every night and haven’t been able to do it yet. Crocus buds make a tasty bunny snack, apparently, and we have rabbits living under the storage shed. A few years ago, when I had just planted a new bunch of crocuses with the help of my daughters, and the flowers were all at this stage — the girls were all excited to see them bloom — WHAM! The next morning, every single one was headless! I nearly cried.

The next year, I planted a lot more daffodils. Less heartbreak that way. You gotta protect yourself, you know?

8 responses to “Eye Candy Friday, First Flower Edition

  1. Our daffodils were eaten by something the minute I planted them a few years ago … deer love them, but we generally don’t get deer (notable exception Wednesday morning, though).

    I have to run out and look for a crocus, now – we have the precise problem you describe. This neighborhood is absolutely rife with bunnies. They also eat my hosta leaves, so we spend a lot of time putting cayenne pepper on the shoots until they get big enough to be less tasty.

    What do you use for bunny repellant?

  2. They are really pretty. Here the moles will steal your bulbs if you’re not careful.

    What do you use for bunny repellant??

  3. Gorgeous – hope the bunnies stay away!

  4. I gave up on tulips because of the squirrels. Still no sign of flowers here. Usually my squills are at least poking up by now.

  5. Bunnies are adorable, but nasty wee things when it comes to spring flowers! Last night the furry guys were chasing a rabbit in the neighborhooh, and I have to say it made me happy. Spring is finally on it’s way!

  6. w00t! I hope mine are next!!

  7. Sad so sad! (I took a pic of a crocus in this color just this morning… but it was fuzzy so I didn’t post it). I’ve heard that moles (I think) eat bulbs? So some people plant them with a plastic barrier around the sides.

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