Little Leaves

Warning: Spoiler alert for BMFA Sock Club – March!

These little leaves are growing, despite obstacles:


(Photo taken three days ago; although the torrential rains we had Monday, when the Twin Cities got dumped on with snow, washed much of our dirty snow piles away, this snow bank on the north side of the house is still hanging in there. But the tulips are free now!)

And these little leaves are growing too; the Leafling sock, March’s BMFA Rockin’ Sock Club kit:


Now you can see the front-of-sock pattern.

I’m demonstrating it on my hand to avoid the leg-as-Eiffel-tower self-photography effect.

However, I did want to demonstrate the fit at the ankle (which is rather hard to do on your wrist), as many who have begun to knit before me have had trouble with the size being generous. (Occasionally, procrastination pays! I was able to learn from their experience….) Knowing I am a looser knitter, I already had sized down on the needles, and quickly frogged when I saw the humongousness. Then, reading what people were running into, I knit the size small which I would not otherwise have done, having a wide foot and not necessarily sylph-like ankles. My gauge is just a little looser than called for, 28 stitches/4 inches (gauge called for in the sock pattern for this Socks That Rock mediumweight is 30 stitches/4 inches) even going down an additional needle size, and I’ve chosen to stay at that; knitting this weight yarn on size 0s gets hard on my hands and yields a firmer fabric than I care for at this weight. I really like this gauge, and it happens to be giving me the perfect fit. Some have found bagginess at the ankle. But me? So far —


I’m not seeing no bags!

This was yesterday; I started the gusset/heel today. I’m still lovin’ it!

6 responses to “Little Leaves

  1. So beautiful! Wow, you are cruising on these socks!

  2. Awesome socks! Love the colors, and they very much become your lovely foot!

  3. The socks are looking great! I do love the colorway. STR has become my favorite sock knitting yarn. I wears like iron.

  4. Purty socks!

  5. That is really pretty yarn – I didn’t sign up for the club this year, and now I sort of wish I had!

  6. I haven’t started the March sock yet, so I’m glad to hear this — I too am a loose knitter. I usually figure that helps compensate for my farm-girl ankles, but it looks like I may need to go down a needle size, too.

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