What I Knit Over My (Imaginary) Spring Break

The kids go back to school tomorrow. We didn’t go anywhere this year; I worked both weekends (and the week in between). But, though work was busy, I did get some knitting done.



If you are among the 5 club members worldwide who haven’t received their March kit for the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club, look no further. And if you happen to be Femke and don’t want to preview your Wee Tiny Sock, stop right here!

In the meantime, however, I’ll distract you with yarn and other knitting before getting to the spoilers.

First of all, here’s a very nice prize that I meant to show you earlier.  This prize — surprised me! But first the story (say it with me — “there’s always a story!”). Sarah-Hope, who among other connections was a fellow Cotton Commando from the DishRag Tag last summer (we wuz gypped by the post office, though we had lightning fast needles, especially Ms. S-H!), had a contest on her blog to guess what she was going to make with some lovely yarn. Well, I was reading her blog at (shhh!) work, where some photos are not viewable; instead, what I *could* see was the label of the photo (not titled by her), which happened to say, “yarn ready for the slipstitch scarf”. Well, I ‘fessed up in the comments simultaneously with ‘guessing’, as to the source of my clairvoyance, but she decided I won the contest anyway; and sent me two skeins of this yarn:


which I had ooh’d and ah’d over upon seeing her first sock, only to find the yarn was discontinued. Sarah-Hope had a pink and purple colorway of that yarn, too, which she expressed willingness to part with, but no one I knew was a pink and purple kind of person. Well, even though Sarah-Hope likes this yarn a lot (it’s wool with stretch), and the colors, and it’s discontinued — she still chose to send me some, knowing how I had liked it! So I will have to make some special socks with it.

So, while we’re speaking of S-H, she had a Blogiversary Raffle recently, to raise money for animal rescue of various sorts. I donated, and ended up winning a raffle prize of two skeins of this lovely springlike yarn:


Socks that Rock mediumweight, in the Undertoe colorway (now discontinued, it seems).

I decided to use that to cast on to Knit Along with Nora! Here’s the beginning of my Forest Canopy Shawl, started tonight:


This might be good travel knitting for on the way to Sock Camp. I will probably make it bigger than the pattern size, given that I have two skeins to play with. (Love my Addi Laces, by the way.)

Here’s an FO, and then the Spoilage.

There was a call for Washcloth Help at Mossy Cottage Knits (oops, I really didn’t link to that post just because my silly parody happened to be in it; it helps to have heard “Charlie and the MTA” and to have read the preceding few posts to “get” it). As a former Cotton Commando (speaking of) how could I hear the call unmoved? So here’s my washcloth:


The washcloths could be any color, but Ryan included a link to ribbon colors for various types of cancers if desired. Given the field I work in, I thought the mix of pink (for breast cancer) and lavender (for gynecologic cancer) seemed very apropos.

Plus it was in my stash.

So this will go off this week, once I block it (I’m actually showing you the ‘wrong’ side because the edge kept flipping up in that way that they do when I put it down the right way.)

OK, spoiler time!

Second FO:

weetiny2008lg.jpg It’s Wee and Tiny!


All together now: Awwwww!

Why is tiny just about always cute?

This is being mailed to Femke in the Netherlands tomorrow.

And then here’s March’s club kit for the BMFA Rockin’ Sock Club, which I thoroughly approve of, both yarn and pattern. I can’t get a decent yarn picture today; we’ll try it again on a less dreary day; it’s shades of warm/bright and cool/gray greens, called “Lucky”. I usually wouldn’t order the mediumweight yarn, it’ll make heavier socks, but it WILL knit up fast, and I’m loving the pattern! More pictures to come as I make progress; hoping to finish it before camp so I can pretend I’m a real sock knitter (though Sam assures me I’m not the only one who likes sock yarn more than actually knitting socks with it, and she’ll be at camp too, so I feel better).


The pattern on the left is repeated mirror image, to form the center front of the sock. I’ll have better pictures when it’s a little further along.  I am loving this yarn and pattern.  Oops, I said that already. Well, it bears repeating.  I really love them.

Whoof! I guess I have been doing something! I’m just glad I don’t have to write an essay about it.

No, wait. I practically did.

Well, at least I didn’t have to do an OUTLINE. I hated those. They were antithetical to my very being. (Perhaps you could have guessed that.)

8 responses to “What I Knit Over My (Imaginary) Spring Break

  1. Your WTS is too cute! Yours is getting posted today – it’ll probably take between 10 – 14 days to reach you from Africa.

  2. Once again, you are simply overflowing with STUFF over here! Wow! Your tiny sock is adorable, your grownup sock is lovely, your washcloth is charming, and… your Forest Canopy?? Yippee! I love the yarn, and you’ve made a wonderful start!

  3. Ooo, that STR looks great as Forest Canopy. I just started mine last night. It has a ways to go.

  4. Figures…the STR club takes an turn for the better when I no longer belong. (Having grown tired of paying for yarn that was downright ugly at times.) The pattern looks pretty nice, too.

  5. Awww! (I can join-in with the best of ’em.)

    STR yarn = finger candy.

    Tiny sock = mega-awww factor.

    FC shawl = lookin’ good.

    Dishcloth = good fer you. (I just didn’t have time; maybe later).)

    Greens STR and sock = mmmmmmm.

  6. Hi Cathy-Cate–

    Thanks for the beautiful sock yarn you sent me. The colors are wonderful–all peach and rose and terra-cotta, my favorites?

    May I snag a copy of the picture of the forest canopy shawl to put on my blog? I’d love to be able to post about the projects people are making with their prizes.



  7. Deepa bought some of the trampoline stretch (this colorway) at Little Knits (online) for a steal a few months ago. They may still have a skein or five…

    The green ‘lucky’ STR colorway is lovely. Can’t wait to see the sock pattern! 🙂

  8. Yeah, I’d say you’ve been busy! I like that STR… and how different it looks in the skein and balled up.

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