Moon and Geese in the Saturday Sky

This morning as I left to go to work:


See the geese in the branches of the tree? I didn’t see them until just after I took the picture.

I was at work most of the day, and I am realizing I am falling down on my knitblogger responsibilities. I did some stealth knitting this week; and some yet-to-be-documented knitting, done except for weaving in the ends; and I am about to cast on for the low-key Wee Tiny Sock Swap (international partners, such fun!)


And I am also about to cast on for the Forest Canopy shawl for Nora‘s Herding Cats Accidental Lace Knitalong.

And I just started the March kit for the Rockin’ Sock Club! First year member, and since I’m NOT much of a sock knitter, though once again I do love sock yarn, I joined for the yarn, for some exclusive colors and interesting patterns, and for the chance to possibly go to SOCK CAMP! Which, as you have heard, I am. Sigh. Two weeks from now, I’ll be in Seattle; in two weeks and two days, I’ll be on Orcas Island with a passel of Notorious Sock Knitters, Tina and her Sockateers, Cat Bordhi and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Lots to do before then, including homework (more stealth knitting! Which I haven’t started yet, though I have it all plotted out in my head) and work work. Anyway, the March yarn and pattern are wonderful from my point of view.

And last Monday I sent off some hand-dyed yarn for The, yes, Hand-Dyed Yarn Swap. But I can’t show you that yet either until it arrives. And it’s going to Norway (Hi, Heidi Kim!) so it’ll be a bit yet before it gets there.

Tell you what, tomorrow I’ll work on photodocumentation and show you a little of my knitting, what I can.

I have good news on the family front; my mother got a walking cast yesterday, and thoughtfully picked out a black fiberglass cast which doesn’t clash with her toe sock (the prior purple one was a little too much). She is delighted to be able to (legally) put weight on her foot again. Six weeks is a long time….

Also, I want to thank Lynne in yesterday’s comments for the invaluable information as to why my Schlumbergera is happy despite its sporadic attention from me. It’s the grow light! And the fact that the information I found on the ‘net is deceptive — it would rather be dry than wet, and overfertilizing it will promote leaf growth and not flowering. (Yes, it’s watered with tap water, which is artesian well water around here, very tasty and pretty ‘hard’, meaning, naturally, mineral-rich. I never thought of that as being better for plants, just not so good for coffee-makers!)

I will freely admit that I owned one prior plant like this, I think in my college dorm where it did NOT get enough light, and it never flowered again, and (like kmkat), I killed it within a couple years. So for others’ benefit, and since I spent most of the day at work with the Office Plant today (another blossom too!), here’s the plant light:


Notice the Water Me light. (There’s a sensor you can plug in to the soil to the desired depth for the degree of moistness the plant should have.) (To tell the truth, it was unplugged when I turned the system to take the picture.) I think I got this from a bonsai supply place, after finding out about it somewhere, but I can’t remember for sure. It’s been years. I love it, though. See the bud on the right? That might bloom for April Fool’s Day itself!

The bud that’s just opening looks like Audrey III, younger sister of Audrey II.


Little Shop, Little Shop of Horrors….

As I took & double-checked the picture above, I saw the frame in the background and thought maybe you’d like to see it too; it reminded me of Margene’s Frames post recently.

Here’s Audrey III doing a Vanna to show you the frame.


My husband and I when we were not long married; a picture taken by our crazy Basque friend Jon-Kar, on a rural road in Michigan. The ‘shoot’ was actually to take a few pictures of my husband, for a solo CD which he was considering putting together, and this was a candid Jon-Kar snapped when I was chilly, and my husband gave me his coat and a hug. We loved the picture and used it for our holiday cards. This was one of the ‘duds’ from the basement closet darkroom developing, giving it an antique look which both my husband and I really liked better than the ‘good’ photographs.  So we kept this one for ourselves.

My husband and I were friends for a few years before dating (both of us were in other relationships when we met) and dated for years before we married. When we did get married and he moved out to Ann Arbor to be with me, it was like falling in love all over again. I love this picture which reminds me of that time.

Well, from moon and geese to plant care advice and back to honeymoons — what a rambling little post! Welcome to my world.

Tomorrow — actual knitting.

8 responses to “Moon and Geese in the Saturday Sky

  1. It is lovely to visit your little world! Sweet story.

  2. Your plant light is a big fat liar! It says it’s spring. Snow again on Monday. Can you believe it?

  3. Aww. I love the photo, and the story. And your geese. You’re just a bower of wonderful stuff today!

    Sock camp!?! That’s a riot. Will you eat baloney sandwiches on white bread and line up for the shower?

  4. My jealousy knows no bounds! Sock Camp, sigh! I wish I was one of the cool kids.

  5. My Mom grows beautiful Christmas Cacti. She has them in her south bay window with a shear curtain filtering the daylight. They bloom at Christmas and sometimes again at Easter. This info does not help your situation, but I discovered something my Christmas cacti love. If I boil potatoes or perhaps other vegetables if in a hurry, I save the water for watering the plants. You can see the plants gratitude almost immediately. I have also used diluted coffee grounds, but that seemed to be too much for the African violets which is another plant my mom grows in abundance in her same window. It is time for me to repot my cacti. One is in a terracotta pot and that seems to give a better moisture balance than the one in the plastic pot.

  6. (cue spooky music)

    Aren’t you the one who has the same birthday as me?

    And I grew up in Ann Arbor. Lived there from 1973-1984, then back 1994-1998.

    If you were there during those years, maybe we celebrated a birthday or 2 in the same place.

  7. Vanna/Little Audrey is doing a fine job! What a sweet guy!

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