Easter Sunday musings

Things I didn’t think I’d ever see or hear:

  • Our pastor playing euphonium at Easter Sunday services today (not in the usual job description; brass emergency, apparently?)
  • Our esteemed choir director saying, when rehearsal time ran out early this morning, “I guess we’ll just have to wing ‘The Hallelujah Chorus’!” umm, which we did.
  • This on my doorstep: I believe it has something to do with Yarn Passover.


When I came back from church the other day, this piece of yarn was on my threshold. Is this simply marking the house of a knitter, or will this protect me from the forthcoming yarn famine?

5 responses to “Easter Sunday musings

  1. Or it could be a hobo sign, marking this house as one that is likely to give away warm mittens and hats.


  2. I was thinking hobo sign, too.

  3. Who said there was going to be a yarn famine???

  4. I love the mittens too. I have a swedish mitten book with patterns (little bitty needles, but not too small now that I have done socks on itty bitty needles) which I have made 2 pair of mittens in the past. this pattern reminds me of this book–minus the bugs.

  5. I found a similar sign on my back steps. Maybe it is a yarn hobo sign. I left it there for a while to see if a bird would take it for nest building, but no. So I picked it up and put it on the railing and now it’s gone.

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