Sparkly Knitting Eye Candy Friday

I just realized I showed you what other knitters were working on, at the recent knitting retreat, but forgot about my own projects. I was truly knitting, not just drinking wine and taking pictures!

Well, here’s one project, and an FO now at that:


A pretty green for the beginning of Spring! And sparkly too; I do love the bling.


I’ll show you the rest this weekend.

5 responses to “Sparkly Knitting Eye Candy Friday

  1. Very pretty. Love the green.

  2. Bling green! Green bling! Yay spring! (wherever it is)

  3. Look’it you miss fancypants! That’s really pretty!!!

  4. Well that’s just awesome!! Was it a kit?

    Thanks so much for the LOVELY advice over on my blog, my friend! Silly wordpress isn’t sending me all my comments, and I somehow don’t have your e-mail address, so I couldn’t reply – but that was quite helpful. We’ll see where it all comes out. Forest Canopy is the favorite at the moment, but I WILL knit that Candle Flame at some point.

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