F is for Frost


Which is lovely above; but which is getting wearisome when scraped off the windshield.  (However, now that the days are getting longer and the roads are getting less icy, the bike can come out soon, and that needs no scraping!)

I didn’t realize this would be a weather blog at times, but in the Frozen North, the weather dictates our lives often enough.  Certainly the frost dates dictate our all-too-short growing season.  Average (actually, median, for the statisticians) last frost date in the small city where I live is April 30th, though it can be quite a bit later some years; it’s also later in the surrounding areas, compared to in the city itself, where I live. 

The January frost flowers above do truly remind me of Barbara Walker’s Frost Flowers lace pattern, though, (link as seen on the Barbara Walker Treasury Project blog).  As I recall, this was an antique pattern with no name, so she christened it.

And the pattern stitch formed the inspiration for Eugen Beugler’s gorgeous shawl, Frost Flowers and Leaves, from Meg Swansen’s book “A Gathering of Lace“, which I own. I definitely want to knit this some day.


(The photo of which, by the way, reminds me of this frost swirl, see the visual echo?)


Wouldn’t this be the perfect yarn for it?


Chewy Spaghetti, Capellini (laceweight yarn, 50% merino/50% tussah silk, 100% pettable), colorway Sullen (mostly grays, some frosty blue-grays, some warm pinky-grays).  I purchased this from The Loopy Ewe last year, and as soon as I saw it in person, it reminded me of Frost Flowers.  It’s not enough yardage for Frost Flowers & Leaves, which is a good-sized square shawl; but I’m considering adapting the pattern to a stole or scarf.  Or I could knit just half the square; that would be lovely, and be close to the correct yardage if I took out a repeat or two of the Frost Flowers, I think.

The icy color is not right for me, I think; it would look stunning on a blue-eyed blonde, or maybe me when my hair goes all gray (don’t hold your breath).  But I love this yarn and this pattern stitch.  So, someone I know, some time just may be getting Frost Flowers & Leaves to keep their shoulders (paradoxically) warm!

Don’t hold your breath for that either, though; there’s a Dragone to knit first.  (I’m waiting to cast that on until I have some uninterrupted time.  Perhaps that will be in another lifetime.  Or another dimension at least.) 

So, in the meantime, here are a few more Real Frost Flowers as a bonus for you (click to embiggen as wished).  Because soon it will be spring by the calendar, and then we in the Frozen North are hoping that the only Frost Flowers we see, are Barbara Walker’s.

hexagonal-frost.jpg  sun-on-frost.jpg  violent-frost.jpg 

9 responses to “F is for Frost

  1. Gorgeous photos – and the yarn would be perfect for that shawl….

  2. I just put a similar frost pic (but from February!) onto a page to send to Maria in Guatemala. Incredible, frost like that still in March!

  3. How very pretty & that yarn is perfect, can’t wait to see it in progress

  4. Love the Frost Flowers, both the ones on your window, and the ones in the shawl. I’ll never see the former, but one day I, too, shall be knitting the latter. And just for the record, I AM grey, and silver, and white, hair-wise….

  5. I’m blue-eyed. I’m blond. Just trying to help.

  6. Man, I love that shawl! Perfect yarn– another skein would get you to the fulll size I bet. 🙂 Mind the wee arrows in the pattern. (Move one stitch over before proceeding with new row :). It’s not explained very well in the directions.

    If I stopped dying my hair, I’m dirty-dishwater blonde (perhaps brunette by now!) and blue eyed, too…. 🙂 I’m full-on kidding, of course!

  7. That is a gorgeous shawl, and the yarn is perfect.

  8. I have thought about converting this pattern to a stole too.

    Wish I had enough knowledge of pattern design to be successful. =)

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