Almost a Shamrock


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

from someone with more than a drop of Irish blood in her veins!

No shamrocks around here, true.

I was sad yesterday morning, because I thought a long-time tradition on my part was not going to come to fruition this year. Always on St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve been able to find a three-leaf something (sorrel, as above, or clover) despite the fact that the middle of March is the earliest of spring here. But this year, the ground was still frozen hard and I had not seen anything green yet, except that which was still green when the snow fell (due to our mild October & early November before the big freeze).

But yesterday afternoon, wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles:

not only was the sorrel above tucked up close to the foundation (sorrel being nominally a weed where it is in my garden, and probably falling into that “went under the snow still green” category), but I found




I’ve been looking for my crocuses, usually the first flowers up, but perhaps due to some vagary of the snowmelt in my garden, these are up first this year.

And Saturday, I saw my first robins. It’s true — spring really is arriving!


We will blithely ignore the fact that there was a dusting of snow on my car this morning, and the dreaded “wintry mix” predicted for today. Hey, I’m good at denial, you know that.  The current weather doesn’t change the fact that I have real live Daffodils coming up!

10 responses to “Almost a Shamrock

  1. HOORAY! We’ll take whatever we can get!

    Kirky (knitoneblogtwo)

  2. My Dear – the Frost Giants are surly this time of year; but we (and they) know their time is limited. The snow’s all over dirty and black, but that’s just the silt it’ll take back in with it as it melts. Days of No Icy Roads are just ahead! Thank you for the daffy-dill nubs! I’ve heard robins but have yet to see one…but Mr Cardinal is coming back to the feeder. This has been the first Proper-and-Decent Winter we’ve had in some time, and the spring will be all the sweeter for it. Happy St. Padraic to ye!!

  3. We have a fresh 1/2 inch of snow with more predicted today and a lot more predicted over night! Spring schming!

  4. I just stopped by to say thanks for the comment on my little slime 🙂 I answered you over in my blog as well, btw.

    Seems like this is the year for long winters everywhere. We had a snow storm a couple of days ago, I’ve lost count how many we’ve had so far. Congratulations on finding a hint of green in all the white, at least Spring is out there somewhere, even though she’s still hiding.

    Your wine-and-pajama knitting in one of your earlier entries looks very tempting – if only I knew some knitters around here, I’d have a pajama party of my own!

  5. I am rather fond of sorrel, weed or no. Did you know you can eat it? Kind of a sour, pungent taste, but not bad. Yay for daffs!

  6. Nope. No daffodils here. Just snow. *sniff*

  7. Just snow here too… though I clipped some forsythia finally and hope they’ll flower inside. When I was younger I had several mostly irish boyfriends, and lived for 8 years with somebody almost half irish… so when folks would ask if I was irish, I’d respond ‘only by injection’ (a great response, gleaned from somebody else in response to being asked if she was italian). Since dh is not a spot of irish, I don’t use that anymore…

  8. No daffodils, but I was awakened early (well, sort of early) Sunday morning by the geese who had returned to the pond behind me. They were honking really loudly while swimming on the small melted part of the pond, then they climbed out and stood around on the still-frozen part. I think it was not what they had in mind!

  9. Yay!!! My Siberian irises are peeking up in a sheltered spot near the house, as well. I guess they didn’t originate in Siberia for nothin’, hey??

  10. Did you (ok, did the plants – I don’t know how to cross out ‘you’) survive the sticky wet dump of snow?

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