Deb’s Daffodils Eye Candy Friday

From last Friday, at Deb‘s house:


Aren’t they lovely?

Where are my daffodils? Oh, yes, still in frozen ground covered by snow. Well, the last few days of above-freezing temps have decreased the snow piles considerably, so hope springs eternal. It was 48 degrees F yesterday and sunny; I saw shorts being worn. Spring Fever Strikes!

What I did last weekend (aka The Chippendale Report) — coming tomorrow!

4 responses to “Deb’s Daffodils Eye Candy Friday

  1. *sigh* Daffodils. *sigh* Can’t wait to read your report!

  2. I bought a bunch from the Cancer Society this week. They are doing their best to brighten up my cubicle. I love daffodils.

  3. I love the cheerful yellowtudinessness.

  4. I keep thinking I should bring in some forsythia to force.

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