The Best $2.99 I Have Ever Spent


Check it out.

The “ViewSizer” at KnitPicks. You can’t see how great it is in the small picture and less-than-detailed copywriting in the catalog or online.

But not only does it have both US and European needle sizing, handy for those of us with both sorts of needles,


(especially now that I have KnitPicks circulars in all those sizes!)

but what I didn’t realize until I actually received it, is that it has a 6 inch ruler with a magnifying strip that makes it ever so easy to measure gauge: here demonstrating that the talented Peruvian knitter who made my alpaca sweater, knitted it at a gauge of 7 stitches per inch (or 2.5 cm would be more correct, I suppose, in Peru).


The red bar is four inches long to make gauge measurement even easier.

Who knows?  I might even start knitting more gauge swatches!  (An outcome greatly to be desired.)

I certainly will be ordering another one of these — one for home and one for on-the-go, though it’s a bit big for my knitting notions bag.  I just wish it came in its own carrying case, so as to protect the magnifying lens.  But if that’s my only quibble, for $2.99, I think I can handle it.

11 responses to “The Best $2.99 I Have Ever Spent

  1. woah…that is cool!

  2. I was at JoAnn Fabrics today and they had some cheap eyeglass cases – don’t know if they were the right size, but that’s an idea for you.

  3. That is very cool. I may have to buy one the next time I’m shooting for $50 at Knit Picks.

  4. I’ll add a couple of those to my next KP order, too! Thanks for the tip.

  5. Cool tool!! I have 5 of the old metal ones, that’s how much I need the needle measurer and the Gauge measurer, too! And it’s PURPLE!!! With a magnifying lens!! Can’t quite figure out how that part is gonna work. But I will have to buy one and see—–or two.
    P.S. Some of the metal ones are bent. Bet that won’t happen to the Knit Picks one.

  6. They are geniuses! The “which size one is this one” questions has plagued me for centuries! Well, maybe not centuries, but for a very long time. I must have one!

  7. I will be darned. That is very cool! Something like that could encourage me to pay attention to gauge, of which I am currently not a big fan! I do have one of the needle size dealies, which is helpful for all of those 40-year-old DPNs I inherited.

  8. I have a few rulers like that which I swiped from a booth at a trade show. But they don’t have a needle gauge and and knit specific layout. Nice.

  9. Heh, Jeanne and I just had to place a KnitPicks order and each get one of those. 🙂

  10. I have one and I love it too! Especially for fixed and interchangeable circs which are so often unmarked.

  11. I need to buy one of those! I accidentally used a 2.25 for a 2.5 on a sock, and need to rip!!!

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