Message From My Candy Bar


Good. Because I already did.

Driven to Chocotherapy by another cloudy Saturday Sky:



and Sunday also, though both days we had actual sunshine at dawn, which was obscured by clouds within an hour.

However, it was warm, which has led to a reduction in the snow piles:


(poor little Japanese maple!)


(but look, signs of thawing! Again!)

And then it rained Sunday afternoon, pretty hard, then a touch of icy snow overnight, thus interesting driving this morning, not to mention frozen car doors.

Yep, signs of spring in Wisconsin!

I’d rather have robins or crocuses, personally, but I know those will come.  Soon.  Very Soon. 

2 responses to “Message From My Candy Bar

  1. The signs aren’t arriving fast enough for me. Will I be seeing you next weekend? Last year our March retreat got snowed out, although we were fortunately able to reschedule for later in the month.

  2. Here’s my little chocolate shame… two double stuf oreos, with one side of the cookie removed on each, plunked together. I had been eating the cookies plain first (saving the stuffed for last), but then thought… hmmm… I’m on a I need creamy sugar craving, so I filled the cookies with Fluff, about a big huge tablespoon of fluff… and was caught by dh and ds. Of course there was a bit of fluff left on my face (there always is, not sure why)….

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