A Thousand Comments are Worth…

. . . a lovely skein of hand-dyed yarn?

(Somehow, I’m not sure that’s quite how the saying goes.)

Anyhoo, Astrid is the lucky 1000th commenter, and let me tell you, she knows from lovely skeins of yarn; go check out her etsy shop, Damselfly Yarns, with wonderful hand-dyed yarn and roving.

So, although it seems like mailing coal to Newcastle, Astrid will be receiving a skein of hand-dyed, hand-painted yarn; and although she likes all colors, as befits a yarn aficionado, she expressed a current desire for the green/blue/purple end of the spectrum.

Since we here in Wisconsin are suffering from a serious green deficit, I opted to select a skein from the WonderStash in greens with a bit of blue (for good luck, hoping to see some of both here some time this year). And I wanted to send Astrid something she couldn’t get just anywhere, so she’s getting something different and unique (here you go, this will surprise her as much as anyone, she doesn’t know yet):


A skein of yarn from a fellow Etsy artist but with an entirely different dyeing style, Meg of Twisted Fiber Art; Colorway “Karma”, a Mutating Variegated pattern, in “Playful” yarn base, superwash Merino fingering weight yarn. Meg’s yarn and colorways are SO much fun to knit up that I keep knitting to see what’s going to happen next!

I hope you enjoy it, Astrid!

One response to “A Thousand Comments are Worth…

  1. Oh my gosh! That is sooooo beautiful! It’ll be like knitting with spring leaves and blue sky. Thank you so much, Cathy. I’ll try to behave and not sit expectantly by the mailbox until it arrives.


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