Feline Foto Friday

Hey, Foto’s a valid spelling [in some other languages]!

I envy Chris the contrast between her black cats and tan carpet. (Though I do know it is NOT easy to photograph black cats!)

Me, I have a rather lumpy orangish cat who generally lays around on orangish floors, thusly: camouflaged-cat.jpg

Sometimes his eyes are open, sometimes they’re closed.

But the other day, I caught him unawares in a photogenic pose.


Quick, the camera!

(I’m not sure if this is the cover shot for Cat Fancy or Victorian Homes Magazines, however.)

16 responses to “Feline Foto Friday

  1. He’s a handsome guy. And I have those same curtains in my front room! How funny is that?

  2. Definitely a novel cover… maybe the Cat Detective in Victorian Boston? I take so many terrible pics of the two black dogs!

  3. What a great photo of a handsome kitty!

  4. That is a fabulous picture! Perfect for a card. 🙂

  5. He SO knew you were coming!

  6. He looks stunning in the window!

    Are you gearing up for next weekend? 🙂

  7. Oh, that IS a stunning photo. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could *arrange* those things? But some of us (well, ME) do not take such great pix anyway. Do you look at the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee? THAT is a photog, and I keep nagging at her to make notecards or wossname.

    I’m generally partial to black kitties too, but I concede, that kitty is as beautiful as any black one (do you agree, Evangeline? Chaos? Mayhem?)

  8. Cat Fancy, definitely. The expression and pose are not quite demure enough for Victorian Homes.

  9. Great shot! I had an orange cat that looked a lot like yours; her name (so original) was Ginger. She unfortunately disappeared, and now we have the disobedient dog, Buddy.

  10. Beautiful photograph! ^_^

  11. Cat Vogue – definitely!!!

  12. That is a FANTASTIC shot! You better slap a copyright on that, or someone’s gonna be stealing it.

  13. Don’t ya just love it when the cat pose and camera come together at the right time! I lucked into a great pic of my two boys recently and will probably never get another one like it!

  14. What a handsome boy!

  15. I think there is a special magazine called Victorian Cats Today that would love to buy that photo for their cover.

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