Wheere Be Dragone?

Did you notice what wasn’t there in my epic weekend account?

I had planned to cast on for the intriguing and complex “Heere be Dragone” shawl, for the Gothlet, on her birthday.

The sad truth is that, not only was the day just packed (as several of you commented! and that was leaving out skiing with the church group as the Gothlet also wanted to do!), but I awoke with a migraine which got worse with the day and the driving, so by the time the birthday dinner was done, all I could do was lay down with even more drugs on board. It hung over into the next day too, part of why I feel so far behind, I suppose. (I didn’t miss work, but I left all things that did not HAVE to be done, undone. But they have to be done sometime!)

Perhaps I’ll start the shawl next weekend, when I have a knitting weekend planned (yes, yes, I know, didn’t I just have a knitting weekend? Well, not really, it was a talking to knitters and talking about knitting and letting the Gothlet play at the MOA and driving around weekend! Very little actual knitting happened, unfortunately!)

But I can show you the yarn, having finally gotten a decent picture of the result of overdyeing (which I’m happy with).

First, before:


Kind of a muddy purplish-brownish-reddish color.



This is just what I hoped for, a semisolid saturated purple, so dark that it’s almost, but not really, black. I’m happy, and I should have more than enough of this lovely suri alpaca laceweight. Now — all I need to do is start the shawl!

In other breaking news, liquid water was spotted in the wild yesterday.



Alert the media, if you would be so kind.

7 responses to “Wheere Be Dragone?

  1. Hee hee, liquid water in the wild. Such a rare sight that has been in past weeks. (Although my Crocs-shod foot found some last weekend, much to my dismay.)

    That yarn is the PERFECT color for a Gothlet Dragone shawl. Well done!

  2. You area VERY brave person to knit the dragon shawl. I saw it a while back and decided I would never finish it so I have to be happy with looking at the picture.
    You’ll have to take lots of “in progress” pictures so we can live vicariously through you!

  3. Hey I thought no intense lace knitting this time around. See you at the convent

  4. That shawl is going to make a certain Gothlet very happy. I can’t wait to follow your progress on it.

  5. I just purchased the pattern for that shawl myself. I’m searching for the perfect dark green for my version. I love your purple yarn you died, it’s going to look smashing.

  6. I like your purple yarn. This snow is going to be a huge mess when it melts, isn’t it.

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