Eye Candy Friday – Flowers Out of Season

I have had no time to put together my photos from last weekend to show you — but here’s one to tide you over, a breath of fresh air and color from the Como Conservatory again, the Sunken Gardens room.


I could have spent the whole day here, I think. When I got tired of wandering around and taking photos, I would have just sat down and knit. And breathed in the green growing smells.  Mmmm.


7 responses to “Eye Candy Friday – Flowers Out of Season

  1. Lovely – and it seems like it will be a while until we get to see them in the wild doesn’t it?

  2. Oh, I can’t wait until spring!! Will it ever come?

  3. I can almost smell the green growing things just from your photo.

  4. Oh, lovely! It won’t be long now till spring (she says, delusionally).

  5. Perfect picture – we got 6 inches of snow today!

  6. One of my favorite places!

  7. Pretty! Oh, you won a GOOD prize over at WhatIfKnits – lucky, lucky you!

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