Total Eclipse of the Heart


Sorry, no tripod; I think the blur was my heart beating.

 (ETA: Total lunar eclipse as seen from a Wisconsin back yard, 9:30 pm on February 20, 2008, temperature – 12 °F [-24.5°C].  Clear and cold makes for good viewing.  Also makes for funny views of the photographer; I was lying flat on my back in the squeaky cold snow, in the shadow of the neighbor’s garage to try to avoid his security light, with the camera on my chest; and timing photos by how long I could hold my breath and how long before the fingers of my right hand went numb.  The man I love was laughing at me through the window….)

11 responses to “Total Eclipse of the Heart

  1. I am not going to tell you how long it took me to figure out what that was…but that’s foggy-headedness on my part, not photography skills. That’s a cool picture!

  2. It was cloudy here…so no moon. Thanks for the peek!

  3. I popped out and took a pic at 9:22 last night. It was -3 in St. Paul, and the photo was terrible! 🙂 Your heart-beat smeary image is much better than mine.

  4. I’d have laughed at you through the window too. That’s love.

    It was overcast enough here early in the evening that it didn’t occur to us to bother looking out at the critical time. By the time we did go out the sky was clear and so was the moon, dammit.

    Oh well.

  5. Thanks for putting this on your blog today. Last night, my husband and I were out walking the dogs and I pointed out the moon (not knowing it was an eclipse) and thought it was so cool. My husband was slightly less excited due to the windy cold weather and said it was just the earth’s refraction of the sun’s light. . . .well, I guess he was right but it certainly was a big deal! Thanks for enlightening us!

  6. Great photo! We could see it too, but no one was brave enough to take live action shots in the cold!

  7. Very cool photo! And a good husband would have been out there helping, not laughing at you.

    And I can’t even tell you how much I do NOT miss -12 weather.

  8. The pic by itself on bloglines had me going ‘huh???’, but when I clicked over, it was apparent what the pic is (plus the eta helped!). GREAT!!!!! I last saw it when the moon was only half red, because by then it was 10:30 our time and I was in and out and back in bed. One year I saw it when the moon was low in the sky, on a beach in Nova Scotia… THAT was incredible! Low red moon over the ocean, whew!

  9. That is one stupendous photo. My artsy son would spend 20 minutes doctoring a perfectly good clear, non-blurry photo just to achieve what you and your beating heart did all by yourselves. Well done!

  10. The blur is neat! You were more hardy than I. 🙂

  11. I was on a visit to USA( Tennessee) and that day there were too many clouds racing through . But I persisted and could glimpse the total eclipse through the clouds once in a while. It was fun, but could not phototgraph it.

    Thanks for your blog. I enjoyed the photograph. Now I am back in India, I remember the eclipse and the cold with nostolgia.

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