Double Digits!

No, not the temperature — it’s not a weather post for once (though we’ve had our share of weather, check out Wisconsin knit-bloggers galore).

No, the Gothlet turned the big 1-0 yesterday!


Now, there are likely only a few who have had a busful of knitters and crocheters sing them “Happy Birthday”, but the Gothlet is among those select few, having had that honor at the Knit Out and Crochet 2008 this last weekend! We had a great time (more about the meeting up on my part, and I’ll tell you all about that in my next post), but today it’s all about the girl!

This is one of her favorite T-shirts, and it kind of sums her up:


Cute on the surface — but dark, and enjoys taking people aback. Deb, seeing her Saturday, commented that she was hiding her Goth tendencies well; but here she was that evening, showing more her true colors!


(T-shirt says “Born 2 Knit”! Skull with flaming needles through the eyes, if you can’t quite see. Plus cool skull ballet flats with bows. Accessorized with the shiny puppy pajama bottoms, of course.)

So the birthday kind of extended over 48 hours, as she got to ride the Mall of America rides,


(wearing her new Snoopy sweatshirt, “Boogie Down”), go swimming, sleep in (very important!), visit the Como Conservatory,



where she got a slightly eerie message:



then went to brunch with two uncles and an aunt, then to Café Latté


to pick out a scrumptious chocolate chocolate birthday cake, then back home to a birthday dinner, Chinese by request, with a birthday ‘cocktail’


complete with candle!, then to Grandma (who’s recovering day by day) and Grandpa’s to enjoy cake and ice cream and presents. Wow, what a weekend!

Happy Birthday, no longer my Baby!

You totally rock!

14 responses to “Double Digits!

  1. And did you go shopping at the Yarnery, I mean you were right next door at Latte. I was teaching there yesterday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Gothlet!

  3. Gothlet is the cutest thing! I love her *dark*side, even though it was not apparent at dinner on Friday. Cafe Latte — now I am craving chocolate…

  4. Ooooo — conservatory!

    Happy Birthday, Gothlet!

  5. What a cutie! (She’d probably hate that, being a Gothlet and all.) My 10-year-old is 5’3″ – nearly as tall as I am, and she STEALS my SHOES. Sigh.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time, and kmkat reported that you had a wonderful dinner together! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the weekend. And glad your mom is doing better!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Gothlet! Sounds like it was a good weekend!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! What fun!

  8. Looks quite fun but you missed the photo of whatever it is you got at Cafe Latte. You know…to make me drool on my keyboard.

  9. My own “gothlet” just turned 13 in Dec. She would love much of the wardrobe featured here as would my budding gothlet-wanna-be who really is a frilly girly girl in spiute of herself

    Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl!

  10. eleven was harder for me, because it has more syllables therefore the kid MUST be older? LOVE the zombie bunny shirt! And ballet flats with skulls?

  11. You visited some of my favorite St Paul places. I miss Cafe Latte. I lived just off Grand Avenue but up a bit nearer St Kate’s.

    What a fun birthday weekend.

  12. That gothlet is a doll!

    I want a zombie bunnies shirt of my own!

  13. Well, the gothlet finally got to do a few things for herself after paitiently waiting for hours of her mom conversing with knitting friends. What a dull prospect for a 10 yr. old!

    She’s an absolute sweetheart, and you’re lucky that a book is always great entertainment for her!

  14. I had a shirt like that…I miss it so much it was my fave ever.

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