Rock the Casbah!

The Stealth Project is revealed!

My Marvelous Mother, who has my blog on Bloglines (how cool is that?), is having foot surgery today. Right now, at this very moment, actually.  (So at least I know this will be a surprise; if she’s asleep, she’s not reading the blog!) Well, one of the universal aspects of surgery in them there lower extremity parts, is that they wrap up the affected area and leave your toes bare. There is a good reason for that (the surgeon kind of wants to know if your toes turn blue or go numb), but it’s pretty chilly in February. Especially around here.

And this is not just your basic bunion surgery, which is bad enough once you know what they really do for bunions (but she’s been there, done that already); it’s a different problem requiring fusions and possible bone grafts and things. Mostly it means 6 weeks of non-weight-bearing and 6 weeks of partial weight-bearing. 3 months is a heck of a long time to be off your feet and not walking, driving, etc., for any of us, and she’s not one to take life slowly.

So — to warm her toes in style (but still allow circulation checks) — TA-DA!!


A custom made toe-warmer (with bonus coordinating bed/home sock on its way)!  What?  Underwhelmed?

(And BTW, I know EXACTLY what that looks like! None of your comments, now, just because the toe-warmer happens to be six inches long and greatly expandable! This is a G-rated blog!)

Here, it looks a little better on; see, it’s made in super-stretchy k2 p2 rib, so as to go over a bulky cast or dressing now (shown over two feet as a reasonable facsimile):


or a normal-ish-size foot inside a surgery boot later on:


(There, that one looks better.  But it’s about the function, and the pretty yarn, really.)

The coordinating sock is still being finished, so no pics quite yet (she can’t wear that in the hospital anyway, too slippery when she has to get up; it’ll be done when she is discharged — it is to be hoped — tomorrow, home where the floors are carpeted).

Whence the post title, you ask?

Look at this wonderful yarn!

Hand Maiden Casbah:



Even more gorgeous in person than in the photos, if that’s possible. Oh, my. Colorway Paris.


(Top o’ Toe Warmer.  I decreased this circularly, like a hat, so that there was no wrong way to put it on.  When one is newly post-operative is  not the time to have to be trying to put one’s toe-warmer on ‘right’.)

If I had to look at my toes for 12 weeks, this yarn wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.  Some of my favorite colors, and those of my mother too, I think; beautiful yarn to work with and gaze at; look at that luster and the richness.  Hopefully this will send good healing vibes footward.

Listen up, Foot: 


14 responses to “Rock the Casbah!

  1. What a WONDERFUL daughter!!!!! That color is bee-u-tee-ful! She will be tickled pink – no “Paris!”

  2. It fits over TWO feet? That would be one heck of a–

    Sorry. Beautiful toe-warmer, though 😉

  3. Ah…the perfect gift. Love the colorway…

  4. I had a foot in a cast one winter and was grateful to the toe cover I had. But not as pretty as this one.

  5. What a great gift! That’s going to feel very cozy on.

  6. Great idea; beautiful colors. Hope your mom “heels” up quickly!

  7. What a clever idea, and the yarn you chose is just gorgeous. Healing vibes are being sent!

  8. Awesome! Love it! How creative! Wish I had your crafty skill. I’m jealous.

  9. I am knitting a small project holding a strand each of Casbah and Baby Ull — it is HEAVENLY!!

    My mother had foot surgery not long ago and took to wearing one of the Log Cabin socks that I knit for my stepdad a few Christmases ago. She loved how stylish it was and how very warm. Best of recoveries to your mom!

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  11. I am about to have bunion surgery and your post is an absolute godsend!!! I will now simply knit another hat just like the ribbed one I finished last night for my about-to-be 2-year old grandson, but in a smaller size (I just tried it on my foot.) Brilliant!! The very best to your Mom!

    • Oh, good! I’m glad this post could be of help! I will say, the 2 x 2 ribbing is the absolute best for this, it’s so stretchy.

      Good luck with this surgery, my mom has had bunion surgery before too and all went very well! (but you need warm toes this time of year).


      • Thanks Cathy!! Yes you do need warm toes. We live in Alberta, Canada and have snow until at least early April.


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