I bet you didn’t even notice the lack of (visible) knitting yesterday.


And I bet, if I show you a snake, you won’t notice the lack of knitting today.

Hey, look over here, what’s that? A snake?!


Poor Trinity the corn snake is about to shed. I’m finally getting to the point (as a relative neophyte snake owner) where I don’t think she’s dead any more when she’s at this stage. But I’m always happy when she’s done.  (And she looks so pretty afterwards.)  Before the shed, she lays around, doesn’t move except for absolute necessity, looks dull and lifeless — Hey!  That’s like me today!

I went home from work early — skipped meetings — because I’m still woozy, and my brain isn’t working right.  Wish I could shed and be a brand new me soon.

She should be a vibrant new Trinity by the end of the weekend, for sure.  She’ll feel so much better, I imagine.   How not, to get that constricting, too-small skin off and be bright and colorful and lithe again?

Seems like a metaphor for Spring.  We need to get our parkas off and let our skins breathe.  It’ll be a while yet.  But the days are getting longer, and though the snow keeps piling up (it’s already snowing right now in the Twin Cities and heading here, with conflicting predictions about the total amount of snowfall), it’s still only a little over a month until the spring equinox.  I’m greedy for more sunlight, at least, and to see my first crocuses next month.

Trinity, you go ahead.  I’m hoping to be right behind you, getting that old winter skin off.

4 responses to “Distraction

  1. Is that how I’ll recognize you – you’ll be carrying a snake at dinner? If so – I’ll be the one RUNNING out of the restaurant – FAST!

  2. I’ll be right behind Deb!

  3. Cool snake. I cannot wait to see her in her new skin.
    I had about half an hour of sitting on my sofa in the sun. It was lovely! I want to do it outside but I’ll have to wait a month or two.

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