Happy Face

I didn’t catch it swinging by, but here’s the Happy Face ball hanging from the crane at work, here in the 5 minutes of sunshine we had today after it snowed and before it clouded up again:


Isn’t it cute? And happy?

I can’t think the construction workers were overly happy pouring concrete today, but at least it’s over zero F.


My husband, who was a cement mason in one of his many former lives, says that concrete poured when it’s cold generates its own heat as it cures, and is some of the strongest concrete around, as the crystalline structure is very fine.  Concrete poured when it’s hot cures too fast.  That’s what he says.

Me?  I don’t understand how my car can freeze to the ground while I’m at work.


(Needless to say, the door was frozen shut too.) But I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me. Saturn is a frozen planet, after all…


On that note, off I slink to do some more stealthy knitting, Gypsy Cold Care Tea in hand (just a touch of a virus, but it’s making me feel woozy). [Anyone else see the Veggie Tales videos? B.C., before children, I don’t think anyone could have convinced me I would willingly watch musical videos about an animated tomato, cucumber and assorted other produce that retold Bible tales. But Veggie Tales are very good. One of their songs (“Pirates…”) even has St. Paul in it. Anyway, if you have, every time I hear/say/type ‘woozy’, it makes me think of the French peas typing, as they declare they “air getTING a leetle wooZEE” in their Monty Pythonesque French accent. That’s me. Well, this French pea is going to bed.  À demain!]

6 responses to “Happy Face

  1. Yesterday I needed to take the ‘work car’ someplace, so the night before I drove it home. But first I had to unbury it from the pile of snow that got plowed around it. Scrape off a whole lot of snow that had packed itself into ice. Shovel out grooves to drive the tires through. It’s a crappy little ford focus with tiny tires that aren’t at all snow-worthy. Thankfully a guy named Brian was leaving work and waited to see if I’d get the car out. He had a bigger shovel, and more importantly, he pushed. I think the tires may have been frozen to the ground! The roads seemed clear, so I took it for the 1.5 hour drive. But about 1/2 hour north, the roads were not so good. I was wishing I had my own car, a heavier subaru with new tires. Everybody got home and safe, so a good ending. The bonus? So much snow today that they closed the state offices!

  2. Yeah, I never understood how concrete could ‘create it’s own heat’. Yesterday at work someone said that foundations poured in winter have fiberglass added to them. I don’t know if I’d be excited about having *my* house poured at this time of year. (You know, if I ever built a house.)

    Rest up– we want you here in the Twin Cities in good health! 🙂

  3. If only it was warm enough to melt and refreeze up here!!!

  4. Huh. I read a book once about pouring concrete (yeah, it was a REALLY slow day). It said that concrete cured best at the same temps that are comfortable for humans. I think I’d believe your husband before some book. Oh, but it did say that the curing process was an exothermic process. So it does produce its own heat.

    And that’s enough about concrete for today…

  5. “Care to join me in my eeeeritateeng leetle zong?”

    Glad to read (a few days further up) that you are indeed feeling some better now. I’ve had a bit of Bloglines trouble the past few days. . . .

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