Saturday Sky, Saturday Snow

Yeah, so what else is new?


It was pretty, fluffy snow this morning, though.


Can I show you an extreme close-up?


(I think that perhaps makes up for the continued gray skies.)

9 responses to “Saturday Sky, Saturday Snow

  1. Wowzers. What kind of camera do you have? Those are great photos.

  2. My camera is an Olympus Stylus 760, purchased mostly for its weather resistance and drop resistance! Not too expensive, easy to use, takes good pictures; I like it.

    This was a lucky macro shot cropped on the computer to show detail.

  3. Wow, those picture-perfect snowflakes! On Friday I was sitting in my car as the weather was turning from rain to freezing rain, and I was watching the crystals form on the parking lot before my eyes. It was amazing.

  4. It’s true – no two are alike! Gorgeous!

  5. WHOA! Great close up there! I saw in the paper today a bunch of webber grills on a frozen lake, I think in Wisconsin. They’re arranged in a big peace sign… have you seen it?

  6. Very cool pictures of snow!!

  7. So,.. the Super Bowl halftime show is on in the background, I am downloading sweater patterns off of Knitting Daily, but I am not quite sure why since I am sitting here with a tank top on and the fan going overhead……..oh, to have a nice frosty day to even wear a sweater….sigh….such lovely COLD pics. I have never seen a real snowflake before. Just awesome! M.

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