B is for Bluffs


Today’s post is a double Bonus:  B for ABC-Along, and Friday Eye-Candy.  So sit Back and enjoy!

I live in a small city in southwestern Wisconsin, in a river valley on the banks of the upper Mississippi River, surrounded by natural Beauty, cradled in these river Bluffs as though in the cupped palms of giant hands.  These Bluffs do not have the striking Majesty of Margene’s Mountains, but they have their quiet comfortable Beauty day by day.  And not a day goes by, that I do not see these Bluffs that are the Boundary of my daily life.

When I get out of Bed in the morning, Below is what I look at, out my Bathroom window.  This is exactly how it’s been looking these days (and I always check to see which way the wind is blowing the flag on Grandad’s Bluff, the biggest Bluff overlooking the city, rising a mile east of my house — so I know how to dress).


That would be a moderate north wind there with snow in the air.  Time to get the warm woollies on.

(I can also check to see how much time to allow for scraping off my car in the Back driveway at the same time.  Click to emBiggen for a happy surprise — some of you have seen Before.)  very-happy-car.jpg 

Sometimes there’s a Beautiful sunrise over the Bluffs through my Bathroom window, similar to that of the other day.


The Bluffs are also lovely at night, as when we went sledding at dusk after Christmas, evening-lights.jpg or they may be mysterious too. early-november-hill.jpg

There are Bluffs North and South of us, up and down the Mississippi, all shaped the same by the glacial runoff in past eons.  However, the Bluffs exist Because they ducked the last glaciers themselves, those that scraped the Great Plains flat as flat can be.



And of course the Bluffs echo the weather, the light, the seasons in a constant interplay of colors through the spring



Glorious summer



The autumn fancy dress


and the clarity of winter again.


These are my Bluffs.

10 responses to “B is for Bluffs

  1. Oh, thank you so much for these pictures! They just take me right home. Such a beautiful, beautiful place to live!

  2. I love the bluffs along the river – any season of the year! Thnaks for sharing your B-eautiful B!

  3. Yep, Wisconsin has a lot of sites that were made as the prototype for Heaven; this is surely one of ’em.

  4. Great pics! I went to Winona for college and these pictures made me miss the area.

  5. What beautiful photos. Thanks.

  6. Cool! The bluffs I know are along the east shore of Lake Ontario…, they are wilder and knife-edgier, http://www.nysparks.state.ny.us/parks/info.asp?parkID=168

  7. Oh, very nice! I thought you were further north, inferring from prior posts. This looks more like the Iowa-Grant county area. (As a Green County native, my interest isn’t merely stalkerish – I love the southwestern part of the state – and a Certain Bovine Beer is made in my home town…)

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