A Change in the Feather

That should be a Change in the Weather, of course, and is there ever. All you in the upper Midwest are experiencing this right along with me, brrr! A special Brrrr for my parents who just got back from a month gallivanting around the Southwestern United States in perfect weather. Double Brrrr!

Yesterday morning was springishly mild, already above freezing when I left for work to this beautiful sunrise.


Here reflected in the implement that we all knew we’d need again soon:


(My preteen KNOWS I’m crazy now. Taking pictures of shovels.)

But the temperature has dropped 40 degrees since then — 30 degrees since this morning — and the wind is gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour, blowing the fine snow that fell this afternoon sideways and every which way.

The house vibrates with the wind. Tendrils of bitter cold exude from every window and door frame as you pass by. Cold seems to rise from the floor. (I think I’m starting to channel “The Long Winter” by Laura Ingalls Wilder — stop it, self!)

The wind is rising

Pounding, shaking, engulfing

The house is besieged.

So — what was that about a Change in the Feather? Besides a terrible pun?

Well, first, thank you for all your kind words about the Raven Feather Mitts!

Responding to multiple requests, I will write up the pattern, in sizes for men and women (in a version for street or indoor wear, though of course you can adapt them for your favorite guitar player by making them shorter). Very soon. Like this weekend, I believe. I may ask for consideration of a voluntary charitable donation, but it will be honor system and totally up to you.

Towards the end of writing the pattern, I re-feathered, to double check the chart I was working on, and also to test knitting the feather in the flat rather than in the round (not for the mitt, but because Dale-Harriet and others have pictured the feather motif on a scarf, and I needed to make sure of the mechanics of the decreases, etc.).

So here’s a horse of a different feather:


This speckled blue I thought reminded me of a bird, but now I think it’s a bird’s egg rather than its feather. Lisa?? (Bueller??)

So Fear not, Feather Fans! You won’t have to wait for the F of the ABC-Along to get a Feathered Fingerless Mitt Fix!

10 responses to “A Change in the Feather

  1. Very pretty in those colors. Which remind me of your yoke cardigan, which reminds me to wonder how you’re doing on that terrifying project….

    And speaking of pretty colors – amazing light in those first two shots!

  2. I wish I had a whole fluff of those feathers – enough to fill a comforter to keep warm this morning!

  3. Very nice! And this weather… argh.

    BTW, check my blog when you have a minute – you seem to have won an award.

  4. Hip, hip hooray! You’ll never believe it Cathy-Cate! I finally mailed your long overdue prize on Monday. Enjoy!

  5. No snow here, so something to be thankful for, I guess.

  6. Your cold weather makes me glad I live in a land where, if snow comes, it stays a day and then melts. On the other hand, our constant grey skies and drizzle get a bit depressing. Good thing you have hand-knit wool socks to keep toes warm!

    Your feather pattern is great. Very creative and attractive!

  7. Alas I am not so good with the bird eggs. Only a very very few. Not sure I’ve seen speckled blue eggs! I got to the owls on this page, http://www.amonline.net.au/birds/gallery/eggs.htm, and didn’t see any blue spotted eggs… check with some of the forest birds… for some reason my computer wouldn’t let me look at them anymore. I’d start at the bottom w/ the starlings etc?? Did you correct your preteen and tell her it wasn’t the SHOVEL you were taking a pic of, but rather the light ON the shovel??? She’d have thought you nuts for sure.

  8. So… I got my popups blocked because I still had about 50 egg pics open! Then I noticed this is an Australian site. HMMMMMM…… I’ll try to remember to ask tomorrow when I’m up at fish & wildlife about blue speckled bird eggs, I might even get to see some!

  9. That looks like a grain shovel, not a snow shovel. Although we here at Chez Kat® have been guilty of using the former when we couldn’t locate the latter.

    Feathers. I’m going to fall asleep tonight while thinking of ways to incorporate feathers into a garment. Perhaps a row of them around the yoke of a seamless yoke raglan. Or drifting down the sleeves. Mmmm, feathers…

  10. The feather mitts are wonderful. Thanks for being willing to share the pattern. I have a knitting/birding buddy for whom these would be the perfect surprise gift. (Of course, then I need a pair myself to wear while holding binoculars!)

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