This was the Saturday Sky today, looking east at dawn:


and here it was tonight, looking west at dusk:


Pretty exciting, eh? Another gray (or grey) Saturday Sky with bits of snow. But it’s still well above zero F, so it could be worse!

(Yes, I realize that second photo looks like I’ve recycled this picture from December snowy-tree-in-december-small.jpg, and I rather feel like this is recycled weather myself, but it’s truly a brand new all gray sky photo.)

I have temporarily abandoned the thrummed mittens, and all other prior knitting (other than finishing another preemie hat — I have five finished plus a sixth that wouldn’t be suitable for the hospital, since the yarn seems not to be colorfast) for a time-sensitive project. A friend of ours, a musician, is in town playing, and I have meant to make him a pair of guitar-playing fingerless mitts for some time. But I never get around to actually doing it before he gets here, and I tend not to have much notice when he’s coming. This time, he’s here through tomorrow at least, and it was his birthday during the time he was here! So I’m trying to get the pair of mitts done, hampered by the fact that a) I’m designing a motif on the mitts from scratch and wasn’t happy with the first two versions of it, b) his hand is much bigger than mine, yet the mitt should fit snugly for the purpose it’s designed for, c) my musician hand model (aka my husband) has been absent, recording with Bill and now performing with him, and d) the Gothlet has been sick, as you know, and with my husband absent in the evenings, solo parenting, let alone nursing, is demanding.

However, I’m coming up to the finish line on mitt #1, and think I have most of the kinks worked out, as long as the final product fits; so mitt #2 should (had better) go faster. The mitts are made of black fingering weight wool (the same Dream In Color Smooshy “Black Parade” that I used for the Preteen’s Christmas present fingerless mitts the-preteen-model.jpgpreteen-fingerless-mitts.jpg) and rather than showing you black mitts in poor light to add to today’s achromatic theme, I will wait until they’re (hopefully) done tomorrow to do any photography.

Last bit of news for today:

Poor Gothlet has a mild case of pneumonia. After seeing the truly disgusting stuff she was coughing up last night, we took her in to Urgent Care, so one X-ray later, now she’s starting wonder drugs. Her physician and I both think she had influenza, or at least what the Centers for Disease Control calls “Influenza-Like Illness”, despite getting the flu vaccine — this started with sudden fever, chills, headache, aches, sore throat, runny nose, malaise, lack of appetite. Sounds like influenza to me. Then this cough started a couple days later, and flu is notorious for predisposing to secondary bacterial infections like pneumonia. If it is the flu, hopefully the flu shots that the rest of the family have gotten will protect us if not her. She keeps saying pitifully, “I hope none of you get this.  This kind of . . . sucks.”  We’re all hanging in there so far.

She’s actually got a little smile on her face watching TV right this second, and she’s previously been a limp noodle most of the last 5 days. So hooray for wonder drugs!

7 responses to “Achromatic

  1. Wonder drugs are great! And I think you stole your pictures from our Saturday sky — it’s much the same here, today, although I’m guessing we’re a mite warmer — up to 39 at the moment!


  2. My best to the Gothlet. Sucks to be sick, even when you have a most excellent mother to care for your every need. Also, my best to MEMother; that’s a demanding job.

  3. Yeah, please add my warm wishes to the Gothlet (I had one of those – she’s 42 now!). There’s something I used to make for my little ones when they had the Grunk: hot – or warm – lemonade, with honey. The lemonade provides some vitamin C, the warmth is soothing to a rough throat and the honey makes it palatable and provides a little energy boost. Do mommies still rub Vicks Vapo-Rub on little chests? Those, of course, are only palliative, but soothing little things help Mommy too. (Are you familiar with the old Jewish Mother’s Homeopathic Lifestyle? — “I’m really cold, go put on a sweater!) :o)

  4. What a surprise – I’m also rushing through fingerless mitts (in pink and red) for my nieces’ birthdays coming up in the next week or so. The schedule also should include mailing time, but we’ll see about that… I’m not designing my own, but was trying to do two at a time and royally messed one up, so one down, one coming along. Another pair left to start.

    Hope you all get and stay well.

  5. My sky was much the same as yours, so I opted to photograph the snow! Boy, it sure has piled up!

    Sorry to hear about your Gothlet and her misery. Maddy used to get pneumonia every spring and fall like clockwork. The drugs kick in quickly and she should be feeling better very soon!

  6. Poor kiddo! Here’s hoping the wonder drugs do the trick. Syrup with codeine is a good thing too, did they give you some? I had pneumonia 3x in 15 months a few years back… the last bout was really really awful. Told dh if I ever get that sick again, take me to the hospital. Got my doc to give me the ok to get a pneumovax shot (they don’t like to give it out unless you’re over 60), and haven’t gotten sick like that since. Hope she gets well quickly, and stays well long enough that she isn’t at risk for reinfections. I’ll email you a couple of accupressure things that felt good…

  7. Darn. I hope the rest of the family stays flu-free, and that Gothlet is up and about very soon.

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