Snowy Eye Candy Friday (with a side of cough drops)

I’ve been offline — sick Gothlet. Just the nasty viral crud. She slept in our bed last night because I wanted to monitor her breathing. Well, she slept — and breathed — fine. Me, on the other hand? Catnaps only. The alarm rang really early this morning.

On happier notes, the sky was almost light when I went to work today, and when I came home! The days really are getting longer. And it was twenty degrees warmer this afternoon than yesterday — double digits Fahrenheit! Woo-hoo! And I’m not sick (yet).

And it’s snowing again. I don’t mind. Especially when it looks like this the next day.



5 responses to “Snowy Eye Candy Friday (with a side of cough drops)

  1. A side of wind to go with the snow?

  2. Here’s hoping you *don’t* catch it, you attentive mom you. [smiley]

  3. Very nice snow! Stay rested and well, the crud is all around us.

  4. martha in mobile

    Wow! That snow looks all arctic-y. I hope you stay well and that your daughter gets better very soon!

  5. Wow, that’s gorgeous.

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