At Least I Finished A Mitten

I guess I should have specified which quarterback’s hands I was keeping warm yesterday, as I knit away on my thrummed mitten during the Packers – Giants football game. Truly, all the players did an awesome job in the weather conditions; I was expecting a drop-fest of fumbles, dropped passes, and missed snaps with frozen footballs and fingers, and it really wasn’t. It was a good and very exciting game. Despite the outcome.
Jeanne will be delighted to know that from here on out, this will be a football-free blog. (This year.) I may well watch the Superbowl, as I enjoy football, but in the absence of any emotional investment, I won’t feel the need to blog about it!

So, as I said, at the very least I have a thrummed mitten to show for yesterday, which is more than a lot of Packers fans probably have!

Here it is this morning, when the snow was just starting to fall:


And here it is tonight, about 8 inches of snow later, already being put to good use holding its sibling-in-progress:


Believe it or not (meaning how have I gotten to this age without doing this?), these are my first mittens. Mostly because my children don’t want to wear mittens, and I usually don’t. I think these are changing my mind (and my daughters’).  Oooh, soft, warm thrums. Mmmm. I put these on to see if I need to change anything for mitten #2, and I think I will reknit the top, as while knitting, I was beginning to worry that I’d run short on roving, so was putting skimpier thrums in at the top. Hello?! Where do your fingers get the coldest? I now think I have plenty of roving, and with the extra space the thrums take, the mittens should be a bit longer than I made them, to make room for fluffy goodness. So I’ll take that into account for #2, and go back and reknit the top of #1. Hands will be happy!

This is about the fluffiest snow I’ve ever seen. It fell like goose down today outside the window at work, soft, light fluffy clumps drifting slowly down. It’s almost weightless. Very sparkly and pretty!

snow-under-sodium-light.jpg snow-on-shrubbery.jpg

(And not too heavy when shoveling!)

When I came home from a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration tonight, my younger daughter the Gothlet showed me the world’s tiniest afghan squares which she had made:


She knit them with toothpicks from Twisted sock yarn. I think they’re blankets for homeless fleas.

9 responses to “At Least I Finished A Mitten

  1. Knitting with toothpicks? Get her started on some socks!

  2. Sorry, mostly I’m glad that my MN coworkers will now stop tweaking my WI coworker. Loudly. And Often.

    The mitten looks wonderful.

  3. Your thrummed mitten looks fantastic! I really need to knit myself a pair one of these days, my hands are always freezing.

    My sympathies on the Packers’ loss. Truth be told, I never got into football while I lived up in Vikings/Packers zone, but I was sort of rooting for the “local” team, anyway.

  4. I love your mitten! It seems you’ll be needing it for quite a while longer as it just doesn’t seem to be warming up around these parts! Do you have many homeless fleas there?

  5. I had a friend in college who crocheted a miniature granny square afghan out of sewing thread using a pin as a crochet hook. She was, as you might imagine, an artist, a unique individual, and a monument to perseverence.

  6. Homeless fleas? She does have a big heart!

  7. They are just soooo cute!!!!!

    Love the thrummed mittens by the way!!!

  8. LOVE the mittens!! You did a beautiful job. My first mittens (done about a month ago, and a month into my re-learning how to knit) LOOK like first mittens. Yours, in contrast, look very professional.

    Looks like you’ll have plenty of opportunity to put them to use.

  9. The mittens are gorgeous! And my sympathies on the Packers’ loss. I come from a long line of Pack fans/cheeseheads.
    And your daughter could sew those little squares together and make a blanket for a mouse!

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