Last Day for “A”

I suddenly thought of an “A” picture I’d always wanted to post but never had a good reason to.

(I said I wasn’t going to promise not to post another A!)

And today’s the last day of A, in the ABC-Along 2008! (But it’s not too late to sign up if you follow this link today, not tomorrow, to Vicki Knitorious and let her know. Operators are standing by.)

A is for Anarchy!


The Anarchy of Nature, that is. Can you see it? This is a completely natural twig formation found outside our cabin at Y Family Camp in Northern Minnesota last summer. (At least no human put it there. I don’t know about the squirrels.)

I guess this is somewhat reminiscent of the Anticraft post.

What an — umm, interesting — picture of me is emerging! While Anarchically knitting Alpaca from an Anticraft pattern, I Admire my Amaryllis. Well, maybe the self-portrait is not too far off. . . .

On the opposite end of the weather spectrum from last summer’s A, here’s today’s Saturday Sky:


Frosty Blue Saturday Sky. It was -15 degrees F (-26 C) when this photo was taken. But just a light wind, and the weather types are saying it will get above zero now (a whopping +2 degrees is forecast). I still wish I could get away with not going out in it. Ah well, I’ll do everything in one fell frosty swoop as much as possible: drop off daughter #2 at birthday party/sleepover, take daughter #1 to dance class, groceries etc. during dance class, pick up #1 and return home. And stay there. (I did say that “Clear Equals Cold” this time of year. My fault again.)

Wishing I was further along on this project:


Fleece Artist thrummed mittens kit, my first thrumming. Just trying them on is a warm hug for my hand. These are for ME….

Now to get them done before spring.

10 responses to “Last Day for “A”

  1. I announced when I walked in the door after work yesterday that I was not leaving the house until I had to Monday morning. And I mean it. I’ll bet those mittens are warm!

  2. Great mittens. And you guessed it – I’ve been seriously considering buying a little bit of roving and making some myself!

    Your picture of the frosty window is gorgeous.

  3. What great pictures — I love that twiggy A, and the frost on the window is fantastic!

    STAY WARM!!! I had to go to the grocery store this morning, and took the dog for a short walk, but now I’m not budging!

  4. Well we are a whopping 3 degrees today! Woo hoo! I bet those thrummed mittens are going to be warm…

  5. The further the temps plummet the more productivity and fierce becomes my fiberosity.

    Today much was accomplished!!

  6. Are the thrums just short little bits of roving, or are you carrying a “strand” along on the inside every 5th round?

    Glad to hear that Schoolhouse Press was able to help you forward with your cardi! I *like* watching Meg (and Elizabeth) in her/their videos. Any tips you’d care to share about steeking with alpaca?

  7. The frosty blue sky picture is beautiful! I hope you are staying warm – it is cold here today and we are staying in! The mittens look great – hope you get them done soon!

  8. I love your picture of the frost! Well, really, I like all your pictures!

    I hope you can stay warm! My mom was telling me how cold it was up in your neck of the woods yesterday. I bet those thrummed mittens will come in very handy (now I want to knit some!)

  9. Once I started a collection of letter rocks. I think I may still have one or two of them… small rocks that had letters on them, one of them was A!

  10. The thrums are indeed little bits of roving knitted in, to make a fluffy layer on the inside. They are so warm!

    I will share whatever I learn about steeking with alpaca! I haven’t had a chance to watch the Meg Swansen DVD yet; lots of competition for the TV given that it’s too cold to go anywhere much. I suspect that some machine stitching will take care of any unravelling tendencies. But we’ll see!

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