Daily Archives: January 19, 2008

Last Day for “A”

I suddenly thought of an “A” picture I’d always wanted to post but never had a good reason to.

(I said I wasn’t going to promise not to post another A!)

And today’s the last day of A, in the ABC-Along 2008! (But it’s not too late to sign up if you follow this link today, not tomorrow, to Vicki Knitorious and let her know. Operators are standing by.)

A is for Anarchy!


The Anarchy of Nature, that is. Can you see it? This is a completely natural twig formation found outside our cabin at Y Family Camp in Northern Minnesota last summer. (At least no human put it there. I don’t know about the squirrels.)

I guess this is somewhat reminiscent of the Anticraft post.

What an — umm, interesting — picture of me is emerging! While Anarchically knitting Alpaca from an Anticraft pattern, I Admire my Amaryllis. Well, maybe the self-portrait is not too far off. . . .

On the opposite end of the weather spectrum from last summer’s A, here’s today’s Saturday Sky:


Frosty Blue Saturday Sky. It was -15 degrees F (-26 C) when this photo was taken. But just a light wind, and the weather types are saying it will get above zero now (a whopping +2 degrees is forecast). I still wish I could get away with not going out in it. Ah well, I’ll do everything in one fell frosty swoop as much as possible: drop off daughter #2 at birthday party/sleepover, take daughter #1 to dance class, groceries etc. during dance class, pick up #1 and return home. And stay there. (I did say that “Clear Equals Cold” this time of year. My fault again.)

Wishing I was further along on this project:


Fleece Artist thrummed mittens kit, my first thrumming. Just trying them on is a warm hug for my hand. These are for ME….

Now to get them done before spring.