It’s All My Fault

Of course, it usually is according to my preteen daughter.

This time, it’s the weather that’s my fault.

I blithely said not long ago, in this very (cyber)space, that the usual weather pattern for this time of year was a snowstorm followed by clear and cold weather. I was commenting that we hadn’t had that this January; we’d had gray skies, fog and even rain.

Today we had the usual kind of January snowstorm, 5 inches of snow or so, respectable but nothing to write home about.


(No grilling tonight, though, I guess.)


Very pretty. And the forecast for Saturday? A high (High!) temperature of -2 degrees F (-18 degrees C for everyone in the rest of the world).

I don’t care for days when the high is subzero. Neither does my car, it whines. Literally. At least I don’t have to work this Saturday, so I don’t have to leave the house before 7 am; that’s better than it could be. If only the girls weren’t doing things — I need to get one to a birthday party and the other to dance and back mid-day, and my husband has to work so he can’t do it. Otherwise, it would be a wonderful day to stay inside and knit, with a cup of hot tea and a cat on my lap. Ah, well, there still should be plenty of knitting time.

Good exercise today; besides shoveling, I got out for a vigorous walk, as I walked to get the Gothlet from her school bus stop, and not everyone had gotten to shoveling yet.


(Usually on Thursdays she gets picked up by car at the bus stop, in order to make it to her piano class on time, but lessons were cancelled as the teacher lives far out in the country and the snow was a problem; but the Gothlet didn’t know that, so I went to meet her and walk home with her so she wasn’t waiting.) Here she is below, performing a public service by clearing the snow off the water fountain (bubbler to Wisconsinites — you, too, can talk like a Cheesehead!)


which was exhausting.


(PS: this girl does have hand-knit scarves; several, in fact. Why isn’t she wearing one? You may well ask! As I did. Though I did not receive a satisfactory answer.)

I got some quality mail today that wasn’t even yarn. In my search for hand-holding regarding designing a steeked EPS cardigan (when I’ve never made one to begin with), I talked to the nice people at Schoolhouse Press, and the result of that conversation came today.


Hooray! I think it will be very fun to watch this DVD with Meg, and be empowered to design and make my own cardigan!

For the rest of you, who can’t hang out with me in my living room, with your knitting and hot tea or wine (knitters’ choice!), here’s a knitting video just for you. Enjoy.

5 responses to “It’s All My Fault

  1. Wow – thanks for the video – who knew that the backward loop cast on was so easy (even with a noodle!). We got a little snow last night too, and I’m looking forward to a weekend of staying inside, knitting, and tea! Have a great one.

  2. What a hilarious video! It’s getting chilly here in Chicago, too, but we didn’t get much snow yesterday.

  3. I wanted to see her dip her swatch in soy and eat it! We grill all year. We do have a gas grill, but it is small and old and the burner gets replaced every year or so (a $12 part). It lives on the front deck, which is how you have to get into the house (see the jan 3 post, it’s at the top of the drive). 15 inches of snow? No problem, scoot it off. We’ve done a fair amount of grilling over the winter. Saves on pans, you know? I grew up north of Boston calling those things bubblers too, or more phonetically, bu-blahs (almost sounds like bubba’s but with an ‘l’). When I went to central NY, nobody knew what I was talking about. No school for the kids today, messy storm, but not so much snow. Then it’s supposed to get cold. Wasn’t 0 yesterday morning cold?

  4. I was thinking the swatch would get eaten too! Glad I wasn’t the only one who had come to expect it.

    It also made me wonder if the kids would be more interested in learning to knit if I just worked with chopsticks and a bowl of spaghetti.

  5. That was a hilarious video! it would be so fun to make that! hee hee that is so funny.

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