Daily Archives: January 16, 2008


….being what my husband calls cat feet.  For reasons that elude me. But, for Ruby and kitkatknits’s contest, here are Citrus’ ‘bunny thumpers’:


Can you see? 4 3/4 inches.


Citrus is your basic average-size semi-stray domestic short-hair orange cat. (Who thinks he’s a dog.)

What you can’t see (but might infer) in the above picture:


“Must I really put up with this??  I was sleeping!” That’s two humans preventing him from leaving the scene. Resulting in a mildly annoyed tail.

In knitting news, one more preemie hat done, ends and all; now back to my father’s long-neglected Oktoberfest socks (among other projects).  Don’t let me start anything else (except a preemie hat or three) until I get some things off the needles!