Scarf Wrap-Up

Get it? Wrap Up? Scarf? Well, at least I amuse myself, if no one else.

The recent flurry (appropriate word for the weather) of scarves has slowed.

Here is the second of two Middle School Scarves:


Basic bias scarf in middle school colors, knit with Jaeger Natural Fleece, colorway Damask; the thick-and-thinness of this yarn (which I did not really see while the yarn was still in the skein) makes it look a bit lumpy, but she seems to like it. Long and skinny by request. It’s similar to but not a twin of the scarf I just made for her good friend’s birthday:


which is impossible to see in this quick photo, snapped at 7 am right before delivery, but is a side-to-side garter stitch scarf (with an accent of lip balm).

Now the Packer Playoff Scarf:



After all that effort to make the scarf Packer green, the darker shiny green of the ribbon rather clashes, but you know what? This is about football, and it’s a good luck scarf, being knit during the recent Packer victory, and I know the recipient will love that about it. So I embrace its oddity, even though I would do it differently if I do it again (i.e. when I use the rest of my Packer ribbon yarn), and have already sent the scarf off farther North. (I’m on my way to the post office when I took this picture, see the keys in my hand? which I forgot about when snapping a quick shot.)

Oh, and I have to show you what the Gothlet decided to make for her aunt, to put in with the scarf. She’s a crafty one from way back. We had to ration her Scotch tape when she was little, because she loved nothing better than paper and tape. When she was 3 or 4, she made us all paper laptop computers, with keyboards, screens, and little mice attached by yarn to the keyboard. Anyway, she likes folding origami cranes, and she made Green Bay Packer cranes:


with a hidden message.


Her aunt will love them.

So that’s three scarves done in 10 days, while working on the Oktoberfest socks and starting a Simple Knitted Bodice for the Preteen; but the other two scarves you saw started? gray-scarf.jpggiles-pioneer-braid-scarf.jpg

The grey one is going into long-term hibernation until I need or want to finish it for someone, and the Giles scarf on the right is being — let’s not say frogged, but redeveloped. I love the yarn, have two (!) other skeins, and want to make something different with it.

The Cotton-Ease preemie hat I started the same weekend is just about done, though.


This blend feels like pure cotton, for good and bad. It’s hard on my hands, but will feel nice on a tiny head, I think.

Allow me to leave you with the sunset seen from the parking lot of the dance studio:


There are bennies to being the chauffeur sometimes!

2 responses to “Scarf Wrap-Up

  1. 😉 I’m loving your scarf, and looking forward to Sunday’s game! No one is paying attention at work here in Brew City – all anyone can talk about is the Pack. Makes January go fast, doesn’t it?

  2. Yes, I’m knitting some cotton-ease hats, too, and agree with your assessment 100%.

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