Big G in the Sky

No, that’s not a religious reference.

Though the Green Bay Packers are pretty much a religion in these parts; remember this? packer-inflatable.jpg

And do you recall the Crane with Christmas Tree? Well, here’s the Saturday Sky this morning:


Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of G.

Looked a little more dramatic last night, I must say.

In other news of the realm, another weekend, another Show Choir performance:


Yes, that one in the center was born to perform. (Can you believe she’s only twelve?)

Today, I hope to photograph and upload some knitting progress, slow as it may be (spread out on too many projects due to a bad attack of startitis); maybe get some stuff done at home after working this morning; and go to an office party tonight, then possibly (if I’m not exhausted) go to hear my husband play really loud music in a smoky bar. Hmm. Husband = wonderful, music = great, loud = not-so-great, smoky = ick. Probably depends on if I have a couple drinks at the party, how I’ll feel about it! Either ready to party, or asleep!

Oh, yeah, and though I am not a Cheesehead by birth, I still wish the Packers well in their playoff game today. I suspect it will be a good day to go do almost anything if you’re not a football fan — groceries, mall. The streets of the city will appear deserted. (City? Heck, the entire state!)

But maybe we’ll just stay inside and watch the game like everyone else.




9 responses to “Big G in the Sky

  1. Hahaha! That’s fantastic! I watched the Packer Pep Rally last night — what a hoot. What other professional sports team would have a pep rally — outside on a cold, January night — and have 15,000 people show up? Hilarious. It was fun to see some familiar faces, too — Antonio Freeman, Dorsey Levens, Frankie “Bag O’ Donuts” Winters — and darn if they weren’t a little fired up, too. Heh.
    Go Pack Go!

  2. You made my Packer Backer’s day with those pictures! The Boy(tm) is puttin’ on his Packer gear (including custom-dyed hand-knitted logo’d socks…) right now in preparation for the big game, and he really lit up over the lit-up G.


  3. The game is on here… WOW look at all that snow!

  4. The Packer G in the sky made me laugh. Packer fans are so funny!

  5. They really trompped (is that even a word) the SeaHawks. We were watching the game and doing a candlelit nature hike. They had two TV’s in the warm-up cabin. I guess that’s to be expected as we’re just a short stretch down the “I” from GB.

  6. As DH told his father at halftime, “I was not very happy with the first five minutes.” But the rest of the game was quite enjoyable, especially as the visibility plummeted. Now we just have to remember what we were doing during this game, then repeat it exactly next Sunday, so as not to jinx ourselves. LOL

    LOVE the G in the sky!

  7. —and what a great game!!! My mom was in town, so we were only able to watch the first 1/2. Snowy, sn0w-ball-throwing, slipping-sliding fun. 🙂

    Looks like they have a good chance of making it to the Superbowl this year!~

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