Snow and Sun

A rare combination here lately. Lots of snow in December, accompanied by clouds; lots of rain and fog recently, a little more snow and clouds overnight.

So this Eye Candy Friday photo is from a couple weeks ago, when an unusual set of circumstances happened: Fresh snow! Bright sun! And an afternoon off, where I actually saw the sun! 

Here’s one of last summer’s echinaceas, still in my garden:


It really is sticking out at that odd angle from a sloping snowbank, in late afternoon sun.

To think that it used to look like this:


I know that Green will come again!

But winter has its own beauty.

(Just more so when the sun shines, sigh.)

3 responses to “Snow and Sun

  1. The sun has been remarkably absent, hasn’t it? But I guess that’s typical, so I should be used to it by now.

  2. Sun, sun, come again,
    Haven’t seen you in don’t know when.

  3. Hi there. This is “a new Jersey Girl” from the ABC-Along. Just going down the list of bloggers from Knitorious’s site checking in on everyone’s ‘As’.

    Lovely photos! We had lots of snow in early December but now it’s all melted in our January thaw. Rain, fog. No sun here! Expecting some snow tomorrow though–yeah!

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