Loving the Mail!

No, not the mailMAN! (We have a female mail carrier these days, anyway, not my type; though the UPS guy that always used to deliver was a good-looking redhead!)

Here was my mail last night:


which contained this:


and THIS:


(knitted, beaded wire flower, artfully posed against the tree reflection on the hood of my car. Apparently, a blue-black Saturn is not a bad backdrop when needed!)

and most especially, the reason for it all, THIS!


Although a nice dramatic background, I know you want to see this gorgeous hand-dyed sock yarn bigger, so here you go, briefly hanging out on what’s left of our snow:


Can you read the colorway names? Cranberry Sauce, and Brrrr! I love, love, love it! And them!

These are so what makes me happy in colors — rich, vivid jewel tones, mmmm.

Thanks so much, Bridget, my swap partner in the Hand-Dyed Yarn Swap!

What welcome color during this gray-brown, foggy, melting, weird January Wisconsin weather! Thanks, I definitely needed that. Off I go just to feast my eyes on it again.

One response to “Loving the Mail!

  1. What a striking picture with the tree’s shadow! Lovely package of goodies.

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