A is Also for Anticraft


Another “A” for the ABC-Along 2008!   

This is a book I got for Christmas.  I listed a whole bunch of books on a wishlist, and my mother picked this one out!  😉

(Yep, she’s a cool mom.)

It’s full of strange and wonderful things; not just knitting, but crocheting, beading, sewing, all either dark, twisted or alternative.  I’m probably not going to be making the two-headed rat (because I don’t really crochet, of course!) but now I could make chain-mail if I had the time, and the knitted patterns have given me some ideas.  The writing is entertaining.  Both The Preteen and the Gothlet have tried to co-opt this book; but it’s mine, I tell you, mine!

Still time to get along into the ABC-Along 2008, see Vicki’s blog for details!          

4 responses to “A is Also for Anticraft

  1. I always find out the cool stuff from you. I’m joining the ABC along. I just have decide what I want to post for “A”

  2. Fun, fun book! Keep us updated on the projects you do from it.

  3. That is too funny. If you need to hide that one from your children, you can bring it over to my house!

  4. Just joined the abc along, thanks for the link. Have you seen the Anticraft blog? Is it from the same folks as the book?

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