Daily Archives: January 8, 2008

A is Also for Anticraft


Another “A” for the ABC-Along 2008!   

This is a book I got for Christmas.  I listed a whole bunch of books on a wishlist, and my mother picked this one out!  😉

(Yep, she’s a cool mom.)

It’s full of strange and wonderful things; not just knitting, but crocheting, beading, sewing, all either dark, twisted or alternative.  I’m probably not going to be making the two-headed rat (because I don’t really crochet, of course!) but now I could make chain-mail if I had the time, and the knitted patterns have given me some ideas.  The writing is entertaining.  Both The Preteen and the Gothlet have tried to co-opt this book; but it’s mine, I tell you, mine!

Still time to get along into the ABC-Along 2008, see Vicki’s blog for details!