A Sufficiency of Scarves

Or perhaps that should be a surfeit of scarves.

gray-scarf.jpg giles-pioneer-braid-scarf.jpg

I currently have three on the needles, the two above and one more, all cast on in the last 48 hours, and one more to cast on in the very near future.  A leetle crazy, I know.  But here’s the scoop —

I participated in the International Scarf Exchange 5, which was a wonderful, enjoyable experience (though I have to get more practice at being sneaky, I’m not very good at it).  [ISE 6 reportedly will be starting in February — watch for it!] I signed up to be an ‘angel’ if needed, if someone’s scarf didn’t come through.  Saturday morning, an ‘angel’ request came in my inbox; 3 ISE5-ers still needed scarves.  One recipient-to-be liked grays/blues/black; one liked earth tones; one liked bright colors.  Y’all know I have a good-sized stash.  So I replied that I could knit any one of the needed scarves.  While I waited for a reply as to whether and which, I decided to cast on (this was while I was laying low Saturday with a migraine).  To cover the bases, I cast on for two of the three, figuring I could always donate the extra to charity or someone I knew, and also figuring with my luck, I’d get the third scarf-ee that I hadn’t started a scarf in the right colors for!

Then later in the day yesterday, I got the word that all was covered, and they didn’t need a scarf from me.  Sigh.  Instant UFOs (I have other things I can or should be working on).  But that’s OK.


The first scarf is my favorite Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf pattern in Mondial Oggi, recent sale purchase from WEBS.  Fairly soft acrylic/mohair/merino blend; feels fairly acrylicky.  This yarn is OK, not great, by me.  One thing I’m a little irritated about is that the yarn width changes noticeably, at least in this first ball; the gray and the black seem to be different yarns, plied together at the color transition, and the gray is quite a bit thicker than the black.  It’s supposed to be a chunky yarn, and the black part is almost worsted/Aran weight in feel.  Ah, well, in this pattern it doesn’t matter as critically, but you can see the scarf is narrower where it’s all black due to the thinner yarn.  I started this in what I’m calling my Pioneer Braid pattern (thanks to Sarah-Hope for the name, derived from a quilt pattern!), but the slow and limited color change made it not visually effective.  So I frogged and began the basic multidirectional pattern.  This yarn would also be effective in a simple bias scarf.  I have some more in a different colorway of browns/greens, too.


The second scarf is working out the Pioneer Braid Pattern with an eye to writing it up, using lovely Twisted Duchess yarn in the Giles colorway.  I may reknit this on a different # of stitches, though, or use a different colorway (not that I don’t like this one, but I picked it for the colors for ISE 5, and now that it’s not needed, I may have a different use for it; or not).  I guess if I frog both of the scarves, they’re no longer UFOs, then, eh?  Just heaps of crinkly yarn.

The one scarf that is destined for completion soon, however, I don’t have a picture of yet; I cast on at the Zombie Show Choir Extravaganza (scroll down if you follow the link) yesterday.  This is Jaeger Natural Fleece in Damask, also a WEBS sale score (seeing a theme here?).  The red and white colors are the school colors of The Preteen’s middle school, so when this yarn, in this and other colors, was on super duper clearance just recently (still lots left as of 1/7/08, check it out!), I bought some and am making a scarf for one of The Preteen’s best friends whose birthday is — today, as it happens!  I’ll take a photo when I finish it tonight.  The Jaeger is fine to work with; it’s a single ply 100% wool, wrapped with a contrasting thread, and knits as you’d expect.  The only note I have is that it’s somewhat thick and thin, which was not evident from seeing it in balls.  But it’s fine.  I bought some more of this (in another color) for a chunky sweater; also some meant for scarves; and it looks like it should felt well, so I bought some balls for that purpose, for a felted tote bag.  The price is good — 93 yds/85m of 100% wool chunky yarn (10.5 stitches/4 inches) for under US $5. 

So one last scarf to cast on very imminently:  I have some fringey ribbon yarn which happens to be in Green Bay Packer colors, meant for my sister-in-law, who bleeds green and gold, and whose birthday is later this month.  I have been planning to knit this together with Packer green yarn for a scarf or poncho for her.  Well, I have not found what I’m looking for.  I bought Lion Brand Thick and Quick, but it’s just too dark a green, I don’t know what I was thinking.  And in the aforementioned WEBS order, I got some of their Valley Yarns Berkshire, a nice mostly wool/bit of alpaca blend, in Hunter Green, which looked on the computer to be a pretty good match.  In person — nope.  The green has a definite blueish hue.  It’s not what I would call Hunter at all; hunter, in my personal definition, is a medium to dark green with a slightly warmer hue, though quite different from Kelly green, which is a relatively bright pure green.  Sigh.  It’s fine yarn, so I’ll make something else out of it (perhaps felted clogs?), but it’s not Packer green and it just won’t work for this.

So the Packer Project has now become a scarf due to time constraints.  And I still don’t have the right yarn.  My plan is to stop at Michaels today (meant to all weekend, but between Saturday being a bust, and kid and church stuff yesterday, it didn’t happen), or failing that, a trip to one of the local Walls of Cascade 220.   But one Wall of Cascade is not open on Mondays,  and the other is a significant drive, so neither could happen today.  And I think the recipient would prefer a synthetic or sythetic blend scarf, anyway.  Cross my fingers for Michaels, though I have a sinking feeling that I checked there already.  I suppose Hobby Lobby is another place to go; I haven’t been there in search yet.  Who would have thought it would be this hard to find Packer Yarn in the Land of Cheese?

Then, once I find it, I have to figure out how to use the two yarns together effectively.  The easy way would be just to edge the scarf with the ribbon yarn, but that would be too easy.  And leave me with a lot of Packer ribbon yarn, though I suppose I could still make a poncho down the road.  So I was thinking of alternating the yarns; say, two rows of ribbon and four rows of green yarn.  But it might look disgusting.  It’s hard to say.   Sigh again.  I see some frogging happening, and I haven’t even gotten the yarn yet, let alone started the scarf!   Suggestions are welcome….

And it’s not even scarf weather here, dang it. The thaw continues, with steadily above-freezing temps.  There’s a cold chilly fog today, as the snow both melts and sublimates into the atmosphere.  Because it was just above freezing early this morning, however, there was a very thin layer of ice in unexpected areas as I drove to work.  Ick.   Now it’s all rain; with thunderstorms near Green Bay, I hear.

And yesterday, as the snow melted, I saw this very unexpected sight in January in Wisconsin:


Green grass!  Normally the grass becomes dormant and turns brown in November, before it snows.  But the grass stayed green due to our very mild fall, and then the big snowfall apparently insulated it or froze it with pigment still intact, and I’m seeing green grass lots of places as the snow melts.  Weird. 

It’s supposed to rain today.  I wore the wrong boots for rain.  Sigh yet again.

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down….

(PS:  I know some of you must know this one!  Even if no one confessed to knowing “We Three. . . “, which is Before Our Time technically for me and some of you whose age I pretty much know.  Anyone [else] remember hearing this song on their AM transistor radio??)

9 responses to “A Sufficiency of Scarves

  1. I love the Pioneer Braid Scarf! I, too, need to do some GB Packer knitting, and I haven’t found any good yarn yet. Granted, I live in Chicago now, but it still shouldn’t be that hard. In an ideal world I would use soft, superwash wool, but I think I’ll have to settle.

  2. That is too funny! Maybe we were twins separated at birth! I’ll say again – great minds think alike. I’ve had my yarn for quite awhile, however, not just since the current WEBS sale (which I’ve managed to resist this year.) I’m also finding a new need for personal scarves, since whenever I go to wear one, I find my collection sadly lacking in wearability due to the fact that most of the scarves I have were made during my early days of knitting when I thought eyelash yarn was the only way to go.

    Good luck finding just the right green. Who would’ve thought it would be so hard?

  3. Oh yeah, I had one of those am transistors… maybe it was the deluxe am/fm??? I can still smell it, they all had a particular smell, huh? Leaving on a jet plane was another… What I liked the most was at night, fiddling around with the dial and getting stations from far far away, like NYC, or Kansas, or some foreign language!

  4. This is an amazing picture. I truly thought it was a skein of yarn in dead-grass color. Look at the negative/reverse imaging you have going on!

  5. You’re certainly loving a certain scarf pattern right now.

    It’s really tough matching colors via computer screen. Remember the Chewy Spaghetti skein??? 🙂

    In St. Paul we’re not seeing any green grass– yet, anyway. The mounds have melted a significant amount, though.

  6. “Sublimate”! I made sure both my boys knew that word, don’t ask me why, I have no idea, I just love the concept that water can change from a solid to a gas without going through that annoying liquid phase.

    Carpenters? I can hear the song in my head but I can’t quite nail down the artist.

  7. “Rainy Days and Mondays” by the Carpenters.
    We lost a great voice when Karen Carpenter died….


  8. I have the green! It’s a Dalegarn Falk (color 8246) and I scored it at The Sow’s Ear. And it’s washable 100% wool.

    Uh-oh, I need to finish my own Packer hat now….

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