Daily Archives: January 5, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Yet another overcast Saturday does not inspire me to do much of anything. The only blue sky I saw today was through another of our stained glass windows:


Here’s what the Saturday Sky really looked like:


It’s a warm day today, above freezing, as is hinted at by the fact that there’s only a small patch of snow in the tree hole above.

This is the same tree a few weeks ago: snowy-tree-in-december-small.jpg

They say it will rain in a day or two. Rain in January in Wisconsin — that’s just wrong. Not to mention dangerous when it freezes.

It was a lazy day. I didn’t have to work; but by not setting my alarm and therefore not getting up early (I usually get up early even without the alarm, but I’ve been pushing it as far as sleep) , I woke up late with a migraine. I just cannot sleep in any more as it’s almost guaranteed to result in a headache. So I was moving slow until it was finally gone in the early afternoon. I had thought about going out cross-country skiing again, now that I’ve figured out the bindings and now that my muscles have kind of recovered from my first excursion; and before all the snow melted (I’m sure it’s already slushy and slow, but I’m no speed demon anyway). But cold, exercise and migraine are not a good mix. So I ended up not even going outside today, beyond the porch. Our cat tried to make me feel better through the healing power of music:


but I’m not sure it did the trick.

So I knitted! I started a few things today, though I need to be finishing some things too. Finished another preemie hat, re-finished the Pirates Hat (story tomorrow, I expect) and finished a fingerless mitt which I didn’t care for; maybe I’ll get a photo before I frog it and try again. Started another preemie/maybe-more-term baby hat, started a scarf (or two, there’s a reason, though), am trying to restrain myself from starting a sweater (Simple Knitted Bodice) for the Preteen (until I get a couple other things finished). Finished one of the fingerless mitts for my brother but need to start the second. Need to take some pictures….

Allow me to distract you from the lack of knitting documentation with another gratuituous amaryllis shot: