A is for Amaryllis


Like to blog? Like to take pictures? Heard of the ABC-Along?

Vicki Knitorious is bringing it on back!

The idea is to post a picture starting with each letter of the alphabet, over the course of a year. 26 letters — 52 weeks — means one letter every two weeks — not too hard. The pictures ideally should say something about you, or mean something to you. Deadline for the ABC-along Flickr group is January 20th; check the ABC-Along link for full details, and the post that follows it as well.

These are amaryllis I grew, starting a month ago, and their color is so welcome now. I miss my garden. And it will be three months before there is anything in the outdoor garden to take pictures of again. Sigh. I like winter, but sometimes it’s a little long up here in the Frozen North. Lots of white.



I need some more color in my life!


3 responses to “A is for Amaryllis

  1. Gorgeous. I stared at the extreme closeup (3rd photo) until my eyes watered.

  2. What a neat meme… may have to do this! Love the close ups, esp. the crinkly white… looks like textural knitting (well, almost).

  3. Wow, those are gorgeous photographs. Here’s what my Amaryllis looks like:


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