Daily Archives: January 4, 2008

A is for Amaryllis


Like to blog? Like to take pictures? Heard of the ABC-Along?

Vicki Knitorious is bringing it on back!

The idea is to post a picture starting with each letter of the alphabet, over the course of a year. 26 letters — 52 weeks — means one letter every two weeks — not too hard. The pictures ideally should say something about you, or mean something to you. Deadline for the ABC-along Flickr group is January 20th; check the ABC-Along link for full details, and the post that follows it as well.

These are amaryllis I grew, starting a month ago, and their color is so welcome now. I miss my garden. And it will be three months before there is anything in the outdoor garden to take pictures of again. Sigh. I like winter, but sometimes it’s a little long up here in the Frozen North. Lots of white.



I need some more color in my life!